The 10 Strongest Characters Professor X Has Defeated In The Comics

Professor X is the most powerful telepath on Earth and the most important mutant. The founder of the X-Men and later the mutant nation of Krakoa, he’s led the mutant race for years with only a short stint out of the spotlight before his return to prominence. He’s also been a part of the Illuminati, working behind the scenes to save the universe.

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He’s never been much of a fighter, as his body has often been the weakest part of him, but he’s gone into battle with his X-Men many times over the years. He’s defeated some very powerful enemies in that time, and his telepathic ability often comes in handy.

10 He Helped The Heroes In Their Battle Against Doom In The First Secret Wars

original Secret Wars- by writer Jim Shooter and artist Mike Zeck – pit Marvel’s greatest heroes against the worst villains at the behest of the One From Beyond. Later in the story, Doctor Doom uses his armor’s ability to siphon the energy of the Beyonder and attain godhood. The heroes had to clash with him and were able to defeat him.

The X-Men weren’t exactly treated well by the heroic side earlier in the conflict, since they were working with a reformed Magneto at the time. However, they helped in the final conflict, and Xavier was there using his telepathic power against the godlike Latverian monarch.

9 Xavier Destroyed A Nimrod Unit Alongside Magneto

Moira MacTaggert’s importance to Krakoa was such that Magneto and Xavier implanted her with a tracking device. When she was taken hostage by Mystique and Destiny, they followed her signal from her to an Orchis facility but only found her arm from her and Nimrod and Omega Sentinel. Magneto and Xavier engaged them in what would end up being a futile battle.

Both mutants managed to land a blow, however, and Xavier was able to destroy one of Nimrod’s bodies. Considering Nimrod is the most powerful Sentinel unit, it was pretty impressive. However, Nimrod did have more than one body and Xavier paid the ultimate price in that battle, getting killed and later resurrected on Krakoa alongside Magneto, who died avenging him.

8 Xavier Was Able To Psionically Restrain Phoenix Cyclops With The Help Of Doctor Strange

Xavier is the most powerful mental talent on the planet, but there have been times when he’s been eclipsed, like whenever the Phoenix Force comes to Earth. During the conflict between the Avengers and the Phoenix Five-led X-Men, Xavier didn’t engage in most of the battles but did join when he was asked towards the end. Originally, it was to talk down Cyclops, but he ended up getting involved in the fight.

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Professor X and Doctor Strange used their powers in concert to psionically restrain the Phoenix powered Cyclops, which was no mean feat. Cyclops was splitting the power with Emma, ​​so he was amazingly powerful but not omnipotent (yet). He’d break free, take Emma’s power from her, and end up killing his mentor from him – cementing his fall from him to Dark Phoenix.

7 Xavier Had To Shut Down Wolverine Several Times Over The Years

Wolverine is the most dangerous mutant on the planet. He’s also one of the X-Men’s most important members. His adamantium claws and fighting skills from him, as well as his unbreakable bones and healing factor, make him an amazing tank. One problem he’s had over the years is his berzerker rages from him, which have sometimes made him dangerous to his own teammates.

Several X-Men have had to take him down, including Xavier. Wolverine is rather hard to affect telepathically, both because of his animalistic mutation and Weapon X’s work on his brain, but Xavier has managed to shut him down more than eleven over the years.

6 Xavier Defeated Jean Gray In Psychic Combat When He Was Transforming Into Onslaught

Xavier’s time as Onslaught was one of his most powerful phases. He revealed his identity of her as Onslaught to Jean Gray during combat on the Astral Plane, when he showed her some of the darkest moments from their time together over the years. While Onslaught was technically another being, a part of Xavier was still in control at this point and set the tenor of the psi-battle with Grey.

Jean is no slouch in the power department, but Xavier taught her everything she knows. She’s always been one of his most important students of her, but his greater power of her, along with the boost from the Onslaught person of her, made his psychic defeat of her easy.

5 Xavier Has Helped The X-Men Shut Down Juggernaut

Juggernaut’s relationship with the X-Men has been full of ups and downs. He’s one of the few non-mutants to join the team. However, for a long time, he was one of their fiercest foes and hated his step-brother Charles with a passion. The power of the dark god Cyttorak made him into a physical powerhouse, and one who’s even knocked out the Hulk. His main weakness of him is telepathy, but his armor’s helmet makes him invulnerable to it.

His old grudge with Xavier saw him attacking their former home several times. During these battles, the X-Men would usually try to get his helmet off so one of the team’s many telepaths could shut him down. Xavier has done the honors several times, using his powerful mind from him to defeat his step-brother’s unstoppable body.

4 Xavier Defeated The Shadow King In Psychic Combat Many Times

The Shadow King is one of the X-Men’s most dangerous foes. One of the world’s most powerful telepaths, the Shadow King is all about mental domination. His battlefield is the Astral Plane, where he can use his powers to their utmost extent. He’s pulled the X-Men there many times, forcing the team’s most powerful telepaths to duel him while he used the other members against them.

The first time Xavier personally defeated the Shadow King was on a trip to Cairo before the X-Men were founded. Since then, he’s battled the psionic menace many times, winning every confrontation between the two.

3 Xavier Was Key To Helping The X-Men Defeat Cassandra Nova

The X-Men have faced many powerful enemies over the years. One of their closest battles was against Xavier’s long thought dead twin sister, Cassandra Nova. At first, she was able to switch bodies with her brother de ella, using her powers de ella combined with his de ella own de ella to destroy the Shi’Ar Empire. The X-Men discovered his her mind in her decaying body and made him an integral part of their plan.

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Working together, he, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost created the prison they put her mind into. He had a role in the final battle against her as well. It’s ironic because he was both the team’s worst enemy in the battle and one of its hidden weapons.

two Magneto And Xavier Clashed Many Times

Magneto is one of the most accomplished mutants on the planet, both for heroic and villainous reasons. Xavier and Magneto have had a complicated relationship; they’ve been the best of friends and the worst of enemies. Xavier has confronted Magneto more often than any other X-Men villain and helped defeat him many times.

His biggest defeat of Magneto was when he mindwiped his former and future best friend after the Master of Magnetism pulled out Wolverine’s adamantium. This was both Magneto’s most grievous defeat and the genesis of Onslaught, and had serious consequences for everyone involved.

one Xavier Helped Defeat Proteus Upon His Return To Life

Proteus is one of the most powerful Omega class mutants. The son of Moira MacTaggert, he was a reality-altering mutant whose powers were so great that he burned out his own body when he used his powers from him. He’s known for jumping from body to body and has battled the X-Men many times. After the X-Men got his mind back from the clutches of Shadow King, Xavier returned to life when Fantomas gave up his body for the mutant leader and was immediately thrown into conflict with Proteus.

Xavier took over leading the team and was integral in the defeat of Proteus, who ended up being used by the Shadow King. If it wasn’t for his telepathy and planning skills, the X-Men would have failed to Proteus.

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