8 Essential Kamala Khan Comics to Read Before ‘Ms. Marvel’, Ranked

She is perhaps the most popular young avenger today. Kamala Khan is the young Muslim teenage superhero Ms Marvel, protector of Jersey City, struggling to balance her superhero career over her personal life. Now she is receiving her own highly anticipated Disney+ series and is already confirmed to be teaming up with Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and Monica Rambeau (Teyona Parris) in the marvels in 2023.

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While fewer than other, more established heroes in the Marvel universe, her stories have inspired, challenged, and empowered young readers since her debut in 2013. They showcase the impact of her career on her personal development and the people and community around her. While they vary in scale and stakes, from minor domestic issues to universe-ending threats, they have helped make Kamala the truly marvelous hero she has become.

“Generation Why” (#8-11)

In only her second volume, Kamala faced increasingly huge milestones. These included her de ella first hero team-up with Wolverines and meeting Loki, but this storyline became most prevalent in her journey and future. When she becomes the temporary owner of the huge teleporting bulldog Lockjaw, she discovers her heritage de ella as an inhuman.

While doing so, she discovers the plan of her new villain, The Inventor, which is to use young people as living batteries. It elaborates on her origin de ella while revealing her mysterious and first recurring villain, marking the next step in her journey de ella as a hero.


“Last Days” (Vol. 4, #16-19)

Part of a larger spanning storyline affecting all of Marvel’s characters, it’s the end of the universe as we know it. And the end of the world brings out new revelations. Her brother of her becomes a new Inhuman. She finally reveals her secret identity from her to her mother from her (she knew all along). Her former bully figure of her, Zoe, shows much more going on underneath her superficial exterior of her.

And, of course, the moment Ms. Marvel’s readers were waiting for: Kamala Khan finally meeting Carol Danvers. It’s a meetup as adorable and awesome as it sounds. The story deals with new revelations that stick with the book after the reboot of the universe, providing vital development to Kamala’s story.

“One Night Only” (Vol. 4, #31)

One Night Only is a smaller story in scale than other adventures, but it nevertheless suits her character’s struggle between hero and teenager. Kamala finds herself in a sitcom-like predicament, attempting to balance a sleepover with her friends de ella Zoe, Mike, and Nakia with hiding Lockjaw and fighting villains.

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But what seems like a small night out turns into a big one when she finally reveals her identity to them – only to find out they’ve known for a while and just wanted to give her space. The girls finally relax and have a fun time together, relieved and bonded more than ever.

‘Generations: Ms. Marvel and Ms. Marvel’

During the Generations event, younger Marvel heroes got involved in time-traveling shenanigans. In Kamala’s case, she’s been sent back in time to when Carol Danvers still had the Ms. Marvel moniker, she was working for a women’s magazine, and was not quite the strongest avenger in the galaxy yet. When a villain attempts to take over Carol’s workplace, Kamala suits up, and both versions of Ms. Marvel come together to take evil down.

After the fallout of Civil War IIit is nice to see Kamala and Carol getting along again, even if it’s before they’re meant to have met each other, giving Kamala some insight into her hero’s upbringing and journey.

“Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man Team-Up” (Amazing Spider-Man #7-8)

Some have argued that Kamala is to modern readers what Peter Parker was to readers of the 1960s. A hero with real problems, facing some public scrutiny, and the constant struggle between their civilian and superhero lives. Later she became more of a partner to Miles Morales, but teaming up with Peter Parker always made perfect sense.

While officially spider-man comic, this issue shows the two’s first meeting as they run into each other and fight Dr. Minerva (much to her delight as a fan) before he gives her his approval as someone with experience being a teenage superhero. It may be brief, but it shows Kamala’s excitement at meeting other heroes and partnering up with a hero who shares similar struggles.

Super Famous (Vol. 5, #1-6)

Kamala seems to think life is good. Her mother de ella is now aware she’s Ms. Marvel, a former bully now she is a good friend, and she’s become an official Avenger. And then she finds out her image de ella is illegally being used for gentrification promotion in her hometown de ella, secretly funded by Hydra.

Needless to say, she isn’t happy. When one of her closest friends of her turns against her superhero alter-ego of her, now she has to deal with an unintended downside of her impact of her on the community. Ella top it all off with becoming a world-famous Avenger, helping her brother of her find the perfect match, and her of her best friend / crush of her Bruno getting a girlfriend; nobody ever said being Ms. Marvel was easy.

Teenage Wasteland (Vol. 9, #25-30)

Ms. Marvel has gone missing. Nobody knows where she is, and her closest friends of her have now decided to fill her shoes of her. Donning Ms. Marvel outfits, they see fit to fight crime in the neighborhood and investigate developing threats while also trying to figure out where Kamala has gone.

Through this, we see Kamala’s impact on her closest friends and the city she protects. We also get the official heart-warming reconciliation between Kamala and Carol after their spat in Civil War II for ongoing readers.

Not Normal (Vol 1, #1-5)

It is the origin story that started it all. Kamala’s first outing from her focuses on establishing her as an outcast due to her love of the Avengers and her religion from her. Despite this, she has a confidant in her ella best friend ella Bruno and a loving, if strict, family. Her story de ella advances with her de ella gaining superpowers from terrigen mist and her struggle to adjust her powers de ella without her family and friends discovering.

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Upon becoming a hero, she creates her own costume that still embraces her unique nature while paying tribute to her idol’s legacy. While the origin itself is no doubt different from what kevin fege is planning, the story still establishes everything about the character on a fundamental level.

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