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Having an author profile online is an important part of any marketing campaign for every book. Readers want to see the author (or an author logo). This helps them to get to know the person behind the book they are reading.

Having an author bio is just as important. An author doesn’t have to be long. But there needs to be one. Where is the author from? What do they enjoy doing? Why are they writing in the genre they have chosen?

Here are five websites or sources, where an author profile is extremely important and all are FREE!!

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amazon (affiliate link)

Creating an author profile on Amazon is very important since most orders may come from Amazon. It is free and easy to set up your author profile on Amazon. Sign up or into Author Central and they will guide you on how to do this. If you have a website address or social media profile. Include that in your bio.


Creating your author profile on GoodReads is easy and very beneficial. You will be able to interact with readers, add new books, and even promote your books. Many readers will leave reviews here and it’s a great community to join. Find groups in your genre and interact with other authors and readers.


BookBub is a great way to gain followers and build an author brand. Claiming your author profile there is FREE and easy. One major benefit of having a BookBub profile and followers, is that every time you release a new book, your followers will automatically get an email about the new release (as long as the book is listed on BookBub) and it won’t cost you cualquier cosa.


LibraryThing is another great community to join. It’s like GoodReads, but with a different audience. Signing up is FREE and and then you can search for your book and claim your profile. There are also groups you can join as well.

CraveBooks (affiliate link)

With CraveBooks it’s free to sign up and add your books and create your author profile. They do also have promotions you can join and places that you can promote your book (for a fee).

All of these resources are great when building an author brand, these also help with SEO purposes as well.

There are so many other wonderful sites as well, but these are the top five that I always recommend to the authors I work with!

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