Edward Scissorhands’ Comic Sequel Makes The Film’s Ending Even Sadder

Tim Burton’s hit film, Edward Scissorhands, ended bittersweetly, but a comic sequel from IDW reveals his life didn’t improve for a long time.

Tim Burton’s hit movie Edward Scissorhands ended very bittersweetly, with an elderly Kim telling stories about her friend to her granddaughter. However, a comic sequel, Edward Scissorhands, from IDW Publishing reveals that the titular character’s life was still very tragic after Kim left. He would not have another friend for many years following her departure from her.

In the film, Kim leaves Edward and tells her neighbors that he and Jim, her ex-boyfriend, killed each other. She revealed to her granddaughter that she never saw her friend de ella again. In 2015, IDW Publishing released a ten-issue series revealing the next time Edward Scissorhands would have new friends in his life.


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Edward Scissorhands has the creative team of Kate Leth, Drew Rausch, Travis Lanham, Jeremy Colwell, Rosearik Rikki Simons, and Tavisha Wolfgarth-Simons. The story focuses on Kim’s granddaughter, Meg, who is now a teenager. She is curious about her grandmother’s stories de ella and eventually tries to find out about Edward herself. She then forges a friendship with him similar to her grandmother. Not only has Edward been alone long enough for Kim to pass away and her own daughter de ella to grow up, he has also been labeled as a murderer by the town ever since Edward and Jim were said to be dead. It also hasn’t snowed since her passing from him.

Edward Scissorhands' life after the film.

The comic explores new friendships and obstacles for Edward to overcome, including being labeled as a kidnapper, murderer, and even nearly being used by a television surgeon to gain popularity and ratings. He is promised a new opportunity to live a normal life, which he never truly gets. He also has to regain the trust of the world around him despite not actually being an evil, murderous person. The film’s paints a picture of a lonely, yet beautiful life as he continues to carve ice sculptures of his memories of him with Kim. Yet his loneliness of him then seemed to have just been beginning.

Edward Scissorhands is one of Johnny Depp’s most iconic roles and the movie has become a beloved classic. While it is very melancholic, Edward’s beautiful art ends the film in a bittersweet way. Yet his loneliness of him was just beginning and he had to wait at least a lifetime to even have another friend. Even then, Kim’s own daughter has animosity towards him. His best friend of her has died, her of her immediate family of her disregarded him, and it was only at the urging of Kim’s teenage granddaughter that Edward was given a second chance to fit in and truly live again. The ending of the film may have been rather sad, but fans certainly would have wanted his life from him to be more hopeful and less lonely than what IDW’s Edward Scissorhands revealed following the end of the film’s credits.

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