Simpsons Gave Your Favorite Characters the Perfect Deep-Cut Marvel Powers

In an issue of the Simpsons Comics series, the fan-favorite Springfield residents became a legion of superhumans parodying deep-cut Marvel characters.

The fan-favorite series simpsons is known for poking fun at the ‘normal’ life of a middle-class family while also having no shortages of fantastical elements as well–including a perfect parody of some deep-cut Marvel characters as well as some other delightfully obscure heroes and villains across a number of established universes.

simpsons debuted in December of 1989 with a Christmas Special titled episode, “Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire.” Since then, wacky adventures of the absurdly dysfunctional family became a huge hit with viewers of practically all ages–with the mature nature of the show going right over young viewers’ heads and enough slap-stick humor to make younger fans feel like they’re in on the jokes. In an additional attempt to give fans of all ages ample simpsons happy, simpsons also released a comic book series that allowed for even more freedom to explore creative stories that wouldn’t quite fit into the average Simpsons episode.


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In simpsons comics #5 by Steve Vance, Bill Morrison, and Cindy Vance, the fictional cartoon characters within simpsons‘ world, the ultra-violent cat and mouse duo Itchy and Scratchy, have literally jumped out of the Simpsons’ television and began running amuck across Springfield. A few hours later, the nuclear power plant hosted a show for all of its employees and their families, one starring the widely popular Krusty the Clown. However, that show was upstaged by the rogue Itchy and Scratchy, and before long the two troublemakers broke into the power plant and caused a meltdown, exposing most of the town to radioactive energy.

The Simpsons parody deep-cut Marvel characters.

The result of the power plant meltdown turned every fan-favorite simpsons character into comic book heroes and villains–primarily Marvel–though most of them took forms that were far from the mainstream–aside from Homer who became a parody of the Hulk named Bulk. Marge gets prehensile hair akin to Inhumans‘ Medusa, Lisa gets music-to-energy powers similar to X Men‘s Dazzler, Troy McClure becomes a parody of X Men‘s Multiple Man, and Barney gets a power similar to that of Inhumans‘ Black Bolt, though instead of his voice being a deadly force of power, his ability comes from his belches–and that’s only just a few of the many comic references present in this issue.

The obscure parodies don’t stop with the Marvel references, however, as Image Comics’ WildC.ATS and Youngblood get their own simpsons makeover with WildB.RATS and Oldblood, respectively. Plus, the previously established Bartman makes an appearance which has always been a play on DC’s Batman but with a unique twist added by everyone’s favorite trouble-making Simpson. While this is a fun storyline that plays off of a number of superheroes, the fact that simpsons doesn’t just use the most mainstream heroes to parody proves that it is so much more than that. This issue is a genuine love letter to superhero comics as it picks comic book heroes and villains that perfectly fit each Springfield resident, giving nearly every fan-favorite simpsons character the perfect deep-cut powers from MarvelDC, and Image Comics.

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