Author RD Taylor’s new book “The Tirocchi Virus” is a riveting novel that takes readers on a journey around the world as a team works to stop a diabolical cult

RD Taylor, author of “The Royal Street Elves,” and “Alleys,” has completed his new book “The Tirocchi Virus”: a gripping and potent novel that follows four disparate individuals as they work together to expose an ancient cult and its diabolical plan.

The team consists of a free-spirited female Israeli archeologist excavating the Qumran caves in Israel; a covert male CIA operative in Atlanta, Georgia; a Benedictine monk in a mountain monastery outside Los Angeles; and a lady white paper fan in the Chinese Mafia.

Author RD Taylor explains the origins of the cult in the story, writing, “Rumors abounded the Jews were taking their sacred scrolls from their temples and hiding them in caves east of Jerusalem. Flavius ​​Oramus reasoned, ‘If the locations where the Jews hid their written scrolls were unearthed, one could replace these scrolls with forgeries espousing sayings favorable to the Romans. When the surviving Jews returned for their precious scrolls, wouldn’t he be, pouring words into their mouth, as the emperor passionately decreed?’ After eight years of war, Flavius ​​Oramus’s mission was almost finished. He stood naked at the cave entrance, awaiting the arrival of his Praetorian Guard while washing his hands and body in vats of water placed there for purification.”

He describes how the team joins together, writing, “Each pulled individual threads until an evil tapestry was unwoven as some traveled from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Alexandria, Egypt, to Istanbul, Turkey. And others from Los Angeles to Nagasaki, Japan. Until all four met in Chengdu, China.”

Published by Page Publishing, RD Taylor’s captivating tale invites readers to discover how four disparate, strong-minded individuals ally their goals to expose the ancient cult and its diabolical attempt to infect all but its own members with a deadly virus.

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating work can purchase “The Tirocchi Virus” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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