Most Impractical Weapons In The Final Fantasy Franchise

the final-fantasy series keeps a vast collection of weaponry in its arsenal. Known for incorporating the fantasy genre, it is not uncommon to see characters using bizarre and unusual means and methods to attack their foes. The franchise refuses to abide by the supposed norms of combat and instead seeks to design iconic weapons that spark interest among its audience.

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Though the majority of the weapons present in the final-fantasy series are realistic and have practical uses, there are several that do not make sense. When the realism fades, the series offers strange and comical objects that should provide no benefit, but they usually turn out to be extremely helpful. These weapons often end up becoming the most popular due to their impractical natures.


10 Buster Sword (Final Fantasy 7)

Cloud’s iconic Buster Sword has a great history behind it. Inherited by Zack in Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, it later came into the possession of Cloud during the game’s finale. It is his primary weapon during Final Fantasy 7‘s story and is used regularly during the opening segments of the game.

The player is led to believe that Cloud, as strong as he may be, is capable of carrying the weapon. Though this is not overly far-fetched, the size and material suggest that this blade weighs a considerable amount. Consequently, the idea that anyone can use it in a combat setting is ridiculous.

9 Airwing (Final Fantasy 13)

Hope Estheim of Final Fantasy 13 is a young boy who lives an uneventful life on Cocoon. In order to become stronger in the face of the Purge, he joins Lightning on a journey to save the world.

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Hope’s idea of ​​strength is seen in his use of a boomerang, a far less significant weapon when compared to Lightning’s Blazefire Saber. Though it proves to be effective in certain combat situations, the thought of Hope tossing a boomerang at the all-powerful Orphan is bewildering.

8 Moogle (Final Fantasy 10)

Lulu, Final Fantasy 10‘s black mage, is a character shrouded in mystery. As the game’s narrative progresses, the player is allowed further insight into Lulu and why she is the way she is. It is a bittersweet story full of heartbreak and guilt, so it is not unusual for her choice of weapon to be called into question.

Lulu’s weapon of choice is a Moogle, a regularly occurring creature in the final-fantasy series. Lulu does not require this Moogle to be able to cast magic, yet she always has it in her hands. She is primarily a magic user, but if the player chooses her to perform a physical attack, the Moogle will run towards an enemy and leap into it. The damage exerted is beyond poor, rendering its usage unnecessary.

7 Gunblade (Final Fantasy 8)

The Gunblade, designed by Tetsuya Nomura, was first incorporated into the series in Final Fantasy 8. It is Squall Leonhart’s default weapon throughout the game, but its design, iconic as it is, is not without its flaws.

Visually, it is a combination of weapons, utilizing the blade of a sword and the hilt of a firearm. Though the idea of ​​it seems practical, the Gunblade falls short on one crucial detail. The selling point of this item is its ability to function as multiple weapons, yet the option to use it as a firearm is nonexistent. The Gunblade is only half of what it should be, rendering it an illogical choice for a gunslinger.

6 Paint Brush (Final Fantasy 6)

Relm Arrowny is a passionate artist from Thamasa. She is a descendant of the Magi, which gives her the power to use her skills in painting as a combat ability.

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Relm uses her paintbrushes to sketch enemy attacks and, in doing so, is able to replicate them. Though it showcases her talents as an artist, the Da Vinci Brush does not seem like a practical approach to combat. Perhaps it may serve the party better for Relm to simply observe the enemy, as opposed to painting a portrait in the middle of battle.

5 Dice (Final Fantasy 6)

the final-fantasy series has a fondness for incorporating a character’s hobbies and interests into their choice of weaponry. Setzer Gabbiani is a renowned gambler and casino owner with excellent luck. Those unfamiliar may recognize him from his brief appearance of him in Kingdom Hearts 2 and his elegant mastery of the Struggle Bat weapon.

Final Fantasy 6 sees Setzer disregarding the Struggle Bat in favor of a pair of dice. These dice are rolled during combat situations as a means of inflicting a random amount of damage to his opponents that, thanks to Setzer’s luck, is usually quite a high number. Though these dice are undoubtedly effective, throwing dice at an enemy and hoping for the best is far from practical.

4 Mop (Final Fantasy 7)

Cid’s default weapon in Final Fantasy 7 is a spear, a practical weapon he uses to slash his enemies to pieces. A variety of powerful spears can be found throughout the game’s narrative, but if the player opts to search for one in the Bone Yard, they may come into the possession of a mop.

Cid uses the mop, a utensil most commonly recognized as an effective means of cleaning one’s floor, as a weapon. Though it retains similarities to the spears Cid uses, watching as he closes in on a target with a household floor cleaner is more comical than intimidating.

3 Seitengrat (Final Fantasy 12)

The Seitengrat bow is arguably the most difficult weapon to obtain in Final Fantasy 12. It is found on the Skyferry’s upper deck while the airship journeys to Nalbina from Rabinastre. The catch is that it spawns inside an invisible chest that has a one percent chance of appearing and, if it does appear, there is only a one percent chance that the chest will contain the bow so long as a party member equips the Diamond Armlet.

The Seitengrat, the most powerful weapon in the game, is an invisible bow that can be equipped by multiple party members, though obtaining more than one is extremely difficult. It has the power to decimate all enemies Final Fantasy 12 has to offer, but watching his wielder engage an enemy with nothing but empty hands just looks strange. The bow’s rarity also makes it far from a practical option since obtaining it comes down to pure luck.

two Official Ball (Final Fantasy 10)

Wakka, captain of the Besaid Aurochs, is the best blitzball player on the worst blitzball team in Spira. He is first encountered on the shore of Besaid where he witnesses Tidus perform the infamous Jecht Shot. He is left speechless by his blitzball skills from him and eventually asks him to join his team.

Wakka’s passion for blitzball is evident in his approach to combat. Instead of opting for a sword or a staff, he decides that his trusty blitzball is the most appropriate choice. One can admire Wakka’s love of the sport, but watching as he hurls what is essentially a ribbed football at Sin, a creature who can destroy continents in mere moments, is baffling.

one Angelo (Final Fantasy 8)

To onlookers Angelo, the Australian Shepherd is not a weapon, yet Rinoa, her owner, disagrees. Rinoa uses Angelo consistently during the events of Final Fantasy 8, but not in the manner one would expect. Instead of encouraging Angelo to attack her enemies, she instead chooses to pick her up from her, aim her at unsuspecting foes, and fire her like a bullet.

It is interesting to note that this attack is unlocked immediately upon Rinoa joining the party, so it is safe to assume Angelo has been putting up with this behavior for some time. Upon returning to Rinoa, Angelo receives a treat as thanks for her service from her, but in reality, getting fired like a rocket may require a less ephemeral reward and perhaps an apology.

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