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**This is a work of nonfiction based on actual events that I have experienced firsthand; used with permission.

What wouldn’t I do for my friends? My bestfriends. My dearest friends. My everlasting compadres.

There’s something about discovering genuine chemistry with another human being — And I’m not talking about romantic chemistry — but a real kinship with someone else.

This is a connection between human beings that can transcend race, gender, and culture. A bond that forms almost instantly encasing itself with love and care that can not easily be broken.

A genuine friend is a person who will not only remain loyal to you but someone who will be there for you even when they disagree with you. Even in those moments when they don’t even like you very much.

I know from my own experience that a real best friend is someone as close to you as a family. Genuine friendship is actually more powerful than blood at times. It’s the person or people you have chosen to be your family.

I feel luckier than most people I’ve met — having not one but a few extremely close friends in my tribe. They are women who run wild with grace and conviction. They are my soulmates.

I dare say that these dynamic women I call my close friends know me better than my own husband does sometimes — and I know that.

My women friends — my girls — have known me in my foolish youth, they have watched my many mistakes, and they have held my hand during my most catastrophic failures.

My closest friends knew me then. They knew me when. They knew me back when I didn’t even know myself.

The powerful bond I share with my closest friend — the woman I consider my sister — my adopted non-blood relation — has come to be something that neither time nor distance can weaken.

Our friendship started when we were twelve and has been going on for three decades now. We might talk on the phone for four days consecutively and then not speak for two months.

However, even though time has passed time never seems to affect our relationship. We pick up exactly where we left off.

My closest friend and I couldn’t be more different—yet we somehow relate in such a familiar and comforting way each and every time. That’s a soulmate. That’s a genuine connection.

I have another close friend who I met at University. The day we crossed paths we instantly connected—literally. We were inseparable for a year after that. Even though we both took separate paths in life after that year of doing everything together, I have no doubt that if we ever met up again, we’d talk into the night like no time had passed. I’d bet on it.

There’s nothing like true friendship chemistry. It’s a sacred and seemingly predestined relationship that not everyone gets to experience. I will always be grateful for these friendships.

I have learned that a genuine friendship doesn’t have to do what you do, think what you think, or even go the places you go.

These relationships can be long-distance for many years and still stand the test of time. They can withstand almost any challenge thrown in the way.

I have learned that a genuine friendship with another person who loves you as much as they love anything dearest to them is absolutely irreplaceable. It’s a genuine gem that not all of us are gifted in this life.

These authentic relationships that I have with those who I consider my closest friends have gotten me through the most horrendous moments in my life and have also been forever weaved into everything that has been both joyful and memorable throughout my time on this Earth so far.

The love is palpable and the dedication is unconditional.

Never underestimate the power of experiencing true friendship chemistry. It’s one of life’s most divine gifts.

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