10 Strongest Characters Spider-Man Beat In The Comics

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man may seem like an easy-going superhero with a smart mouth, but anyone who has seen him in a brawl knows better than that. In his adventures from the streets of New York to the ends of the universe, Peter Parker has thrown down with all sorts of allies and ne’er-do-wells.

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The scrawny kid from Queens has fought everything, from lowly carjackers to extraterrestrial despots. He’s even gone toe to toe with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The pairing of his brains from him and plethora of spider-powers has helped him come out on top against many of Marvel’s toughest characters.

10 Of All The Spider-Powered Villains, Venom Is One Of The Toughest

Before he was a vigilante or a space knight, Eddie Brock was Peter’s nightmare. Eddie, along with the symbiote known as Venom, may not be as clever as Peter but what he lacks in wit he makes up for with raw power and ruthlessness. He has all of Spider-Man’s powers but none of his mercy from him.

Somehow Spider-Man always finds a way to eke out a victory anyway. Whether that means utilizing Venom’s aversion to high-pitched sound and extreme heat or making him wear himself out by using too much of the symbiote’s webbing. He works hard, but Peter almost makes it look easy.

9 Spider-Man Stopped The Juggernaut Dead In His Tracks

Usually found in Westchester harassing Xavier and his X-Men, Juggernaut sometimes makes his way down to Manhattan to cause problems for Spider-Man. Pound for pound, Juggernaut easily outclasses Spider-Man, so when the two meet up Spider-Man figures out creative ways to take down Cain Marko all while protecting innocent civilians.

RELATED: 10 X-Men Characters Who Debuted In The ’90s And Then DisappearedThe first time they encountered one another, Juggernaut tore the city apart while Spider-Man struggled to slow him down. Spider-Man never gave up, though, and defeated the Juggernaut by temporarily blinding him and leading him into a deep pool of wet cement. Being immobile removed the key to the Juggernaut’s power, momentum.

8 Spider-Man Has Figured Out A Few Ways To Insulate Electro

A regular working-class guy turned into a walking power plant, Electro is one of Peter’s more powerful traditional foes. Electro has been fighting Spider-Man since the ’60s and it’s never an easy battle for either one. Maxwell Dillon is essentially a man with the power of a god, but luckily Peter has experience against real gods.

A direct hit from a fully powered Electro can take Spider-Man out, so Spider-Man consistently figures out ways to nullify or at least lessen Electro’s power. Spider-Man has gotten Electro to accidentally take a swim, and he has also trapped Electro inside a specially made containment cell.

7 Just Like David Vs Goliath, Spider-Man Brought Colossus To The Ground

Colossus and Spider-Man tend to be on the same side, but they’ve come to blows a few different times thanks to misunderstandings and cosmic beings. Usually, Colossus is the definition of a gentle giant but in Avengers vs. X-Men he became a true threat thanks to a shard of the Phoenix Force.

In Avenger vs. X-Men #9 by Jason Aaron, Adam Kubert, and John Dell, Spider-Man finds himself staring down Colossus and Magik in an attempt to buy the Avengers some time. The siblings utterly dominate Spider-Man, almost mashing him into a bloody pulp but with a few choice words Spider-Man tricks Magik and Colossus into turning on each other.

6 He’s Even Pacified The Hulk

In the Ultimate Universe, The Incredible Hulk is somehow even more monstrous than his 616 counterpart. In Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #3 by Brian Michael Bendis and Phil Hester, young Peter Parker finds himself up against an unsurprisingly angry Hulk.

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Spider-Man can’t find a way to reason with the Hulk, so he figures out another way to calm him down, through his stomach. Peter sets aside a delicious pile of hopefully fresh fish to destroy the Hulk from destroying too much of New York. The plan works, preventing Spider-Man from being smashed by the Hulk.

5 A Trick Or Two Helps Spider-Man Get The Upper Hand Over Morlun

Peter is a bit scared of Morlun since this villain has traveled the multiverse and made more than a few Spider-Men his victims. Morlun can’t get enough of that spider-powered blood. In their battles, Morlun has easily gotten the upper hand against Spider-Man. He’s even broken a few of his bones with ease. However, Peter Parker has beaten Morlun with the help of Miles Morales.

Sadly, in a few other encounters, the original Spider-Man wasn’t lucky enough to have that kind of help. in the climax of Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 #35 by J. Michael Straczynski, John Romita Jr., and Scott Hanna, Peter intentionally tainted his blood with radiation. An unknown Morlun feasted on the blood, poisoning himself. Spider-Man is always willing to go to great lengths to stop his foes from him.

4 Spider-Man Was More Than A Match For The Fantastic Four

Individually, each member of The Fantastic Four is quite powerful, but together they are almost unbeatable. They’ve fought Galactus, Doctor Doom, and many other high-level threats and that’s what makes Spider-Man’s victory against them so spectacular.

Marvel’s First Family ran into Spider-Man in the inaugural issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. One by one, Peter embarrassed each member of the team relatively quickly. The Fantastic Four is prone to underestimating enemies, which is exactly what happened with Spider-Man. Luckily, now they’re friends and frequent teammates.

3 Spider-Man Shut Down Red Goblin

Spider-Man faced a long string of symbiotes and goblins, but when Norman Osborn gets ahold of the symbiote, Carnage, he presented a new kind of threat. Separately these two enemies have given Spider-Man a few headaches but together they created one of his greatest challenges for him in recent memory.

Red Goblin had a vast array of symbiotes and super-soldier powers as well as Norman’s wonderful gadgets. Spider-Man stood no chance, not even when he was re-bonded with Venom. He played on Norman’s ego, though, which allowed him to trick the Red Goblin into getting rid of Carnage in exchange for an old school beat down.

two Through Sheer Force Of Will, Spider-Man Extinguished Firelord

The Heralds of Galactus are unbelievably powerful cosmic pawns for the planet-devouring entity. They search the universe for planets to satiate Galactus and eventually they all seem drawn to Earth. This time the former Herald Firelord was unlucky enough to run into Spider-Man while scouting out the planet in The Amazing Spider-Man #270 by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Bob Mcleod.

RELATED: 8 Marvel Cosmic Beings That Are More Powerful Than GalactusOn paper, Spider-Man doesn’t stand a chance against a cosmic threat like Firelord but Spider-Man doesn’t like being underestimated. After a battle through the city and a flurry of countless blows against Fire Lord, Spider-Man somehow knocked the hot head out cold.

one Spider-Man Put Superboy In Time Out

During the infamous Marvel vs. DC event, fans were able to vote for the outcome of battles between famous characters from each comic universe. Some battles seemed relatively fair, like Batman versus Captain America. In Marvel vs. DC #3 by Ron Marz, Dan Jurgens, Claudio Castellini, Joel Rubenstein, and Paul Neary, Superboy was unfortunately matched up against Spider-Man, one of the most popular superheroes ever.

Their somewhat similar attitudes and smart mouths made them a fun pairing, but Spider-Man won the votes which meant he handily won the battle. A few well-placed webs and some fancy acrobatics made sure Superboy never had a chance.

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