10 Magicians Even Darker Than Doctor Strange In The Comics

Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness just passed the $800 million milestones recently, and it spells good things for the future of magic in the MCU. The movie took on a shockingly darker tone than most MCU movies, and fans praised the change of pace.

The movie delved deeper into the darker aspects of magic as well. In the comics, some magicians are far darker than Doctor Strange in both backstory and usage of their powers. One can almost say that while Doctor Strange adopted darkness, these magicians were born in it.

Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru of The Runaways Wields The Staff Of One

Nico Minoru, otherwise known as Sister Grimm, has a dark past. One night, she discovered her parents de ella murdering an innocent girl while performing a strange ritual. They found her, revealed themselves to be dark wizards, and forced upon her the Staff of One. The staff could only emerge if she bled.


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Her powers are primarily blood magic. The strange nature of blood magic does have a limit, and that is that she can’t ever repeat a spell she’s already said. Of course, different words are counted as different “spells.”


King Loki prepares to attack in Marvel Comics.

While Loki might come off as a snarky loser to some people, he’s still the god of mischief. With thousands of years of magical experience, Loki has done terrible things to acquire the powers he has. Deception and cruelty are part and parcel of his arsenal.

Loki’s cruelty is so immense it extends to himself. When he died, his reincarnation of him, Kid Loki, found himself haunted by the ghost of the original, and unfortunately, he was possessed by the end of the ordeal. Loki’s titles are not for show.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Cosplay Marvel Comics

WandaVision already explored how dark Wanda was in the MCU, but her powers (and backstory) are far darker in the comics. Scarlet Witch’s start to darkness was first seen in Avengers Disassembled. After Vision is seemingly possessed by Ultron and dies in battle, and a bunch of other incidents, all of it is blamed on her Wanda Maximoff’s powers.

The loss of her family is what led to her powers going astray, and here, Doctor Strange had to stop her himself by using the Eye of Agamotto. Afterward, Scarlet Witch had become more powerful after using the chaos powers she was so in tune with.

agatha harkness

Agatha Harkness is one of the oldest “mortal” magicians in the Marvel universe. She was most active during the 17th century, at the height of the Salem Witch trials. Shockingly, Agatha approved of the witch hunts, believing it to be an effective way to strengthen the magical community.

Her powers and knowledge are vast, and it was her who trained Scarlet Witch in the more refined dark arts. Her longevity and apathy of her towards the weak of her make her a very dark magician indeed.


agamotto in marvel 616

The eye had to belong to someone, and that man was Agamotto. Agamotto was the first-ever Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Being as ancient as he is, his magic is far more primal and eldritch than modern sorcerers. Many iconic artifacts can be traced back to him, most iconic of all the Eye of Agamotto.

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Despite holding the title, he has usually been a villain to the Marvel universe at large. He invaded Earth once with a horde of demons to prove that Brother Voodoo, then Sorcerer Supreme, was unworthy of the title.


X-Men Magik Eye of Agamotto

Magik was born Illyana Rasputin, the younger sister of the steel mutant Colossus. One fateful night, she was taken to the realm of Limbo by the sorcerer Belasco. Despite being gone only a few seconds on Earth, she had spent years inside the realm of Limbo.

There, she mastered the dark arts to such a degree that she now rules as Sorceress Supreme to Limbo. In a shocking twist, Magik is not a villain, and often uses her talents from Ella to teach the next generation, and prevent the demons in her realm from getting too rowdy.


doctor strange 2 clea

Clea was born in the Dark Dimension, which should tell readers that things are going to be rough for her soon. Her mother de ella was lost in a battle against Dormammu, and for most of her childhood de ella, she worshiped the dark lord dutifully.

However, a long war started after Doctor Strange swayed Clea to the side of good, and it ended with Clea becoming ruler of the Dark Dimension. Like Magik, she uses her powers primarily for good, but they are far from the typical “good” magic that people are familiar with.


Hela X-Men Cover Chris Claremont Special Comic

Hela is the alleged daughter of the god of mischief L0ki, and the ruler of Hel, the Asgardian version of, well, Hell. Her goals from her are mostly directed toward gathering as many souls as possible into her realm from her. She has a particular interest in Asgardian souls.

The darkest aspect of Hela is her control over the lives of Asgardians. It is Hela’s responsibility for her to draw out the souls of dead Asgardian gods, and it is her for her who guides them to the afterlife. In certain cases, she may want to speed up the process a bit, and her touch of it can instantly kill any unsuspecting god.

Victor Von Doom

Doom in Lightning Storm

The man’s name is Victor Von Doom. It’s practically announcing how much of a tyrant he is over his domain. Well, that’s unfair, Latveria is quite pleasant for an autocratic dictatorship, but the journey there was not a clean one. In addition to his political pursuits of him, Victor Von Doom is also an accomplished magician.

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He learned magic from the darkest mortal sorceress of them all, Morgan Le Fay. Doom was even considered for the position of Sorcerer Supreme at one point, but his ego was one of the reasons he failed to get the position. That, and all the horrible crimes he has committed in his quest for world domination.

Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay is the greatest acolyte of the famous wizard Merlin. In a series of political disputes with King Arthur, Morgan Le Fay used the Darkhold out of desperation. This led to her being possessed by the chaos god Chthon, and it granted her powerful dark magic.

Morgana is one of the most potent magic users in the entirety of the Marvel universe. Her latent magical aptitude of her as well as a vast knowledge of all things magic makes her incredibly dangerous. So dangerous, that she turned the tables on the chaos god that possessed her, and made him her pet.

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