Fact vs Fiction: The Offer episode 7, fact-checked.

The Offer dives into two of the most iconic scenes from The Godfather, in episode 7, “Mr. Producer.” The first was the “horse head” scene. The second was Michael’s murder of Solozzo and Capt. McClusky. In addition, after weeks of growing tension between Joe Colombo (Giovanni Ribisi) and Joe Gallo (Joseph Russo), things finally came to a head between the two.

Based on the experiences of The Godfather producer Al Ruddy, The Offer you have detailed what went into making one of the greatest movies of all time. But what in The Offer is fact and what is fiction? Specifically, fact-checking episode 7: did the movie use a real horse’s head? Were Coppola and Pacino in danger of being fired? Who shot Joe Colombo? Let’s dive in.

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