Charlie’s Angels Takes a Dark Turn in New Revenge Thriller

A new revenge thriller by Image Comics is looking to take the formula of the classic series Charlie’s Angels and give it a dark twist.

A brand-new revenge thriller from Image Comics. is giving Charlie’s Angels a very dark twist. From horror anthologies like The Ice Cream Man to fantasies like Twig, the Image Comics catalog features a wide variety that can appeal to any comic fan. Something that has been a big draw for the company though is the stories that bring familiar ideas and give them a unique twist. One of these types of stories was recently announced where the classic sitcom The Golden Girls will get a violent twist in a story called GoldenRage. Now, Charlie’s Angels is about to get the same treatment.

Charlie’s Angels has been an iconic hit ever since its debut in 1976. Running for five seasons, the story following three women who work as private spies for a man only known as “Charlie” has stayed in the public conscious for decades. After the original series ended, the franchise would find itself constantly rebooted with a short-lived TV series in 2011 and film franchises featuring actresses like Cameron Diaz and Kristen Stewart. The main constant though between all these shows and movies is that Charlie’s Angels has always been a fairly PG-13 franchise with very little graphic violence. That’s about to change though in a new comic inspired by the series.


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In an announcement by Image, The Deadliest Bouquet is an upcoming thriller miniseries created by Erica Schultz and Carola Borelli. Shultz is perhaps best known for her work de ella on charmed and brings that sisterly dynamic to this series as a trio of estranged sisters named Rose, Poppy and Violet reunite to solve the mystery of who killed their mother, Jasmine Hawthorn. The catch though is that they’re also highly trained in espionage thanks to their mother’s history of her in hunting down Nazis. Things aren’t going to be easy though as the stakes are set to be high with the threat of death looming everywhere. The girls will have to “avoid being killed in the process“As they try to figure out who the culprit is and get their revenge.

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This dark take on the classic Charlie’s Angels formula is an interesting one because it gives readers an idea of ​​what would happen if Charlie was brutally murdered. With no one left to guide them on what to do, the gloves are likely to come off as Jasmine’s daughters won’t let the murder of their mother go unnoticed. Where things get interesting though is the relationship between the three sisters. It’s set up that these girls haven’t been together in a very long time, so there will likely be an underlying mystery regarding why they separated as they globetrot to find their mother’s killer. Artist Carola Borelli mentions that “the story of the three sisters got me involved from the first moment. It has everything I wanted to read in a comic.”

With the promise of heart on top of some incredible spy action, this is a series from Image Comics that readers cannot miss. The five-issue miniseries by Erica Schultz and Carola Borelli is slated to hit comic store shelves on August 10, 2022. Fans of Charlie’s Angels aren’t going to want to miss this new story from Image Comics because it puts a dark new spin on a classic premise while promising a ton of heart.

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Source: Image Comics

Look for The Deadliest Bouquet #1 at your local comic book store on August 10th!

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