New MTG Comic To Unveil Secrets of Planeswalker Ajani Goldmane’s Past

Fan favorite Planeswalker Ajani Goldmane stars in his own self-titled Magic: The Gathering comic book series from publisher BOOM! Studios.

BOOM! Studios has announced a new comic series featuring the famous leonin planeswalker, Ajani Goldmanefrom Wizards of the Coast’s popular card game, Magic: The Gathering. The special one-shot series comes from Hugo Award-nominated writer Seanan McGuire (Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider) and will delve into Ajani’s past adventures through the Multiverse prior to becoming a member of the Gatewatch. The comic is slated for release at the end of this year’s summer.

Ajani has played a prominent role in several conflicts throughout the course of the MTG story. He helped the Gatewatch thwart Tezzeret’s plans on Kaladesh before joining them and also battled on the frontlines in the war against Nicol Bolas. After the funeral of his friend Gideon, Ajani traveled to different plans to tie up loose ends, as well as to assist with plans for the Magic’s budding threat of Phyrexia’s return from ella and helping fellow Planeswalker Chandra Nalaar rescue her mother from ella. Now, comic readers and magic fans alike will get a closer look at Ajani than ever in a new series.


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In a new post on their site, BOOM! Studios has announced Magic: Ajani Goldmane from Hugo award-winning writer Seanan McGuire. McGuire’s story will add more substance to Ajani’s lore, this time exploring the leonin’s past of him after he obtained his Planeswalker spark. McGuire promises shocking revelations that present Ajani in a never before seen light and a threat far beyond his capabilities. Described by BOOM! Studios editor, Kathleen Zelinski, as the perfect guide to the Magic Multiverse, it will be exciting to see how the steadfast guardian-healer overcomes this unknown obstacle. The drastic events of this story could be just what puts him on the path to teaming up with the rest of Magic’s various Planeswalkers. Given Chandra and Garruk are currently the focus of the main magic comic, it will be interesting to see if Ajani’s story will have any bearing on them. Magic: Ajani Goldmane #1 will feature main cover art from artist Ariel Olivetti and variant cover art from artist Ethan Young. It is the latest tale in BOOM! Studios magic line of comic books, which itself is the publisher’s newest collection.

Magic the Gathering's Ajani Goldmane.

Given that other magic comics from BOOM! have put a focus on Magic’s other cycle of first Planeswalker, it makes sense that Ajani would get his own comic. More than just fun side stories, BOOM! has used the Magic license to give an in-depth look at characters like Liliana Vess. While BOOM!’s magic comics are set in their own universe separate from the card game, they have consistently told interesting stories using some of the franchise’s best characters. Ajani is a fan favorite among fans of the hit card game, so it’s exciting to see him get his own one-shot comic.

BOOM! Studios hasn’t really missed with their magic comics yet, so it will be interesting to see where acclaimed writer Seanan McGuire takes Ajani. Regardless of what ends up happening in the comic though, fans of the card game can agree that more Ajani is never a bad thing.

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Be sure to head out to your local comic book store and pick up Magic: Ajani Goldmane #1 when it releases this summer, August 2022.

Source: BOOM! Studios

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