10 Best Comics For Fans Of Elden Ring

In February 2022, FromSoftware released Elden Ring. The video game was and continues to be a massive success. It was the fastest-selling Bandai Namco game of all time and won several awards, including the Most Wanted/Anticipated Game of 2022. Elden Ring places players in the roles of Tarnished, exiles who travel the fantasy setting of the Lands Between.

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Like the Dark Souls and Bloodborne games that preceded it, Elden Ring tasks players with exploring castles and tombs and battling the horrific, supernatural creatures that reside in them. Elden Ring is a beautiful addition to the fantasy genre. Fans who’ve beaten Elden Ringand beaten it again and again, can turn their attention to comic books that similarly explore strange new worlds and introduce fantastical concepts.

10 Legends Of The Flame Added To Dark Souls Lore

Some fans may be unfamiliar with the Dark Souls comic books that expand the lore established in the original games. Titan Comics has published many limited series depicting the world of Dark Souls, including The Breath of Andoluswhich took place during the Age of Fire, and Winter’s Spitewhich followed a warrior’s journey to the land of Winterspite.

one of the best Dark Souls comic series was Legends of the Flame. The two-issue limited series collected short stories from various writers and artists. Legends of the Flame was an anthology series that expanded the lore of the Dark Souls universe.

9 Coda Explored A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World

The world depicted in coda was once prosperous, full of wonders and magic, but a war destroyed the world, leaving it in a post-apocalyptic state with very few people left. The survivors of the war continue to fight for the limited supply of magic and magical artifacts. Whoever controls these artifacts gains great power.

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Written by Simon Spurrier, coda follows a man named Hum as he traverses this dangerous wasteland of a world. The art by Matias Begara and Michael Doig is beautiful. The duo creates a vibrant, psychedelic world with hundreds of unique creatures, including a demonic-looking mutant unicorn who travels with Hum.

8 Red Sonja Is One Of The Best Warriors In Comics

The character Red Sonja first appeared in Conan The Barbarian #23 in 1973. Red Sonja is a fierce warrior and mercenary who resides in the fantasy land of Hykania. Ella’s character’s popularity has grown, appearing in over two dozen comic series in the past decade alone, and she seems due to headline her own modern movie.

In 2014, Gail Simone wrote one of the best interpretations of the character in a series that ran for 19 issues. In Simone’s series, the She-Devil with a Sword battled Dark Annisia, her evil half-sister of her. The series features dozens of brutal, bloody, well-illustrated fight scenes that would impress any Elden Lord.

7 Die Was About Fantasy Role-Playing Games

Written by Kieron Gillen and illustrated by Stephanie Hans, die was just another example of the incredible work published at Image Comics, winning awards for the Best Comic/Graphic Novel two years in a row. The 20-issue ongoing series blended elements of horror and fantasy. The premise of the comic was every tabletop RPG player’s dream: the players at the table were transported into the world they created.

In diethe group who played the RPG as teenagers were forced to return to the fantasy world as adults to rescue their friend who was still trapped in the game. die was fun and oftentimes heartbreaking, and Han’s artwork was surreal and vibrant, switching between the real world and the realm of Die.

6 Kill Six Billion Demons Was An Epic Tale That Spanned The Multiverse

Written and illustrated by Tom Parkinson-Morgan, Kill Six Billion Demons was a webcomic that was later published in print by Image Comics. The multiverse is ruled by seven kings, but chaos still reigns. A woman named Allison is gifted the Key of Kings, an ancient artifact that bestows its user with enhanced strength and immense magic power.

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Unfortunately for Allison, she now carries one of the most sought-after objects in the multiverse. Kill Six Billion Demons is an incredibly original comic that features monsters, magic, and gods. Parkinson-Morgan’s art is grand, colorful, and detailed, depicting fantastical settings like the Throne, a city at the center of the multiverse, or the Wheel, branches that extend to all universes.

5 Monstress Features One Of The Richest Fantasy Worlds In Comics

Set in a fictional, 20th-century version of Asia, monster stars Maika Halfwolf, a girl who shares a psychic link with a monster. This link grants her powers that pair well with her martial skills. While the focus of the story lies in Maika’s journey of avenging her mother de ella, the larger world of monster is incredibly fascinating.

A war between sorcerers known as Cumaea and magical creatures known as Arcanics threatens the world. Written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Sana Takeda, monster has won Eisner Awards and Hugo Awards thanks to characters and settings as rich and complex as any acclaimed fantasy novel out there.

4 We Have Demons Pits Angels Against Demons

Legendary comic creators Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo partnered with Comixology Originals to produce We Have Demons, which explored an ongoing war between angels and demons. The duo has created some of the best Batman stories of all time, and now they’re bringing their talents to the horror and fantasy genres.

We Have Demons stars Lam Lyle, someone who has never believed in the supernatural stories of beings from other realms. Her concept of reality is challenged when she is placed in the middle of this legendary war. One of the coolest parts of Elden Ring is discovering new creatures. Similarly, one of the best parts of reading We Have Demons is seeing the many demonic creatures drawn by Capullo.

3 Once & Future Brings Legends Into The Modern World

British nationalists resurrected King Arthur to save Britain, but they bit off more than they could chew when Arthur revealed alternative plans. Once & Future, the BOOM! Studios ongoing comic series written by Kieron Gillen, follows the story of Bridgette McGuire, a retired monster hunter who enlists the aid of her grandson de ella, Duncan, in the fight against King Arthur’s forces.

Once & Future takes the foundations of stories established in the Sword in the Stone legends and alters them in fascinating ways. While the story is unique and creative, Dan Mora’s art steals the show. Mora crafts grotesque, haunting creatures and places them in energetic, dynamic action sequences. The colorwork by Tamra Bonvillain is the cherry on top.

two Birthright Was A Fantasy Series All About Destiny

Mikey Rhodes, the protagonist of birthright, lived out every fantasy reader’s dream: as a boy, he disappeared and entered a fantasy world known as Terrenos. There, Mikey became a noble warrior and savior of the land. Mikey returned to his family from him one year later, but he had spent years in Terrenos, becoming a weathered adult.

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birthright, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by Andrei Bressan, combined the real world with a fantasy world of witches, werewolves, magic, and monsters. The series lasted 50 issues and focused on the Rhodes family drama, as well as Mikey’s newfound perspective on destiny and fulfilling a greater purpose.

Written by Rick Remender and illustrated by Jerome Opeña and Matt Hollingsworth, Seven To Eternity was an ongoing comic series that lasted for 17 issues. In the fantasy kingdom of Zhal, the God of Whispers rose to power, promising everyone their deepest desires if they served him. Rebels used their magic to try and free their world.

Remender has written incredible comic runs for Marvel like Uncanny X-Force and Captain Americabut his work on Image Comics titles like BlackScience and LOW stand above the rest. Remender is a master of world-building, and the dystopian yet colorful world he and the art team created in Seven To Eternity was fascinating.

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