10 Most Stylish DC Comics Characters

Style defines so many DC Comics characters. Fighting crime while looking good or being a smooth criminal takes more than carelessly throwing on some spandex. Heroes and villains use personal style to create iconic costumes that can enhance their powers or their psychological impact on others.

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In any case, fashion can unlock identities or showcase the practical side of a crime fighter’s outfit. However, whether it is a natural design or one created through innovation, costumed heroes and their opposites should have a style as unique as they are individual.

eleven Alan Scott Brings Classy Style To The First Green Lantern Costume

Alan Scott’s Green Lantern outfit is a cut above the rest. It’s worth remembering that Alan Scott hails from an era when men wore hats and suits everywhere. Perhaps that’s why every element of his costume exudes style. The green interior cape blends Green Lantern’s power with a purple exterior that carries an air of authority.

The gold chain securing the lapels of this Green Lantern’s cape is regal. The red tunic is loose instead of skin-tight or green like the modern Green Lanterns. In the center of his chest he is a vintage-style flaming green lantern. The logo burns with brilliance and seems to erupt from the design. Red boots with gold crossed laces complete his ensemble with class.

10 Jack Knight Wore Vintage Fashion For His Starman Adventures

Even though his dad and brother wore the original Starman costume, Jack Knight chose something that fit his personal style. To begin with, Jack enjoyed vintage clothing found in second-hand stores. I have even owned a second-hand store. Jack’s outfit starts with his trusty leather jacket left over from a time when he felt like he needed to be a tough guy. The jacket features a rugged lawman’s star over the left breast and another across the back.

In the first issue, Jack describes his love for his outfit’s details, like early generations of Hawaiian-print shirts that were woven with hemp. That connection helps explain why Jack is seen regularly wearing a flowered shirt

9 Static Makes Hoodies Look Heroic

Static is the epitome of youthful energy and style. His outfit of him is vibrant and brimming with electricity, just like Static himself. Let’s start with the hoodie, a dark blue that is noble and yellow streaks that glimmer. When he is wearing his blue and gold hat, the yellow brim blends with the yellow trim on his hood. When electricity is coursing through Static, the combination of the two yellows above his head glows like a halo or a crown.

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Static’s pants and shirt have gold trim and in the center of his shirt there’s a yellow circle with a lightning bolt striking down through its center. Like all hero’s, Virgil knows the importance of heroic iconography and the lightning acts as a signature for this electric hero.

8 Hardware Wears His Uniform Like A Second Skin

Hardware’s uniform is literally a second skin of protection, called the Hardware Shell. It’s applied to his skin of him using the Hardware Shell Forge, and after Curtis Metcalf steps through the applicator portal, the shell polarizes and secures itself in place. Him’s helmet features a face shield that gives him an unobstructed view and a voice synthesizer to disguise his identity.

Gauntlets on the wrists and forearms are bordered with a red like his visor and usually hold either an Omnicannon or a retractable plasma sword. A jetpack, portable micro rockets, and Plasma Whip are all features on a suit that looks like the walking arsenal that Hardware is.

7 Poison Ivy Makes Green Look Good

Ivy’s knack for making nature both enticing and lethal is enough to make her costumed cohorts green with envy. Pamela Isely can control plants and use the chemicals harvested from them to control men and women. It also allows her to shape flowers and vines to perfectly fit her petite frame.

Ivy has embraced many looks over the decades. Whether she is dressed in spandex or is only wearing vegetation, Ivy always has an authentic style that reflects her emotions and her desires for her. In every version, Ivy uses the color green to represent her connection to the earth and the powers it grants her. The endless variety of plants in the world means that her style of her will always be changing.

6 Black Racer Stylishly Skis Across The Stars To Claim The Dead

The Black Racer’s brilliant character design is the brainchild of comics legend Jack Kirby. Kirby invented his own style of it, and his bold statements of it make skis threatening when they are worn by the New God’s own messenger of death. Black Racer also sports a visor similar to those worn by jousting knights.

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His suit is dark blue with a four-inch-wide vertical gray stripe down the center of his chest with a matching gray cape. Gray ski poles with blue handles complete the ensemble. Modern variations update the original look with black metal armor, glowing red eyes, and a mask that covers the entire face, but in all versions, the Racer is a harrowing and relentless specter.

5 Naomi Has The Fresh Fashion The Future Needs

Naomi is one of the brightest new stars to emerge in the DC Comics Universe, and her costume is a fresh take on superhero fashion. Naomi’s civilian look for her was casual black pants and a white t-shirt with a tan jacket. When she uncovered her powers from her, the black pants became a bodysuit and the tan jacket a yellow-gold metallic armor for her torso and shoulders.

Naomi also gained a black gauntlet that extended to her knuckles. Gold trims both ends of her sleeves and similar plating covers the tops of her hands. On her chest of her is a symbol with rays like a rising sun.

4 Black Orchid Offered a Bright Change

Black Orchid’s original costume was a cascade of coral, magenta, and pink that resembled a floral butterfly, with wings that connected to her wrists and stretched the length of her body. A separate layer of costume surrounded her neck de ella and stretched like a collar that also resembled the antennae of a butterfly.

The modern approach to her costume is more subtle and a lot grayer. Gone are the butterfly wings and antennae. Instead, Black Orchid has a skull cap-style mask, draping cape, and skin-tight spandex that is gray with veins of purple stretching across it like roots.

3 Count Vertigo Unbalances The Best With His Chaotic Cape

Count Vertigo’s costume, like his powers, induces disorientation. The man who can unbalance the most sure-footed hero wears a hypnotizing spiral on his chest that looks like a moving target. Vertigo was a count first and a super-powered criminal second, and elements like his green cape indicate his royal upbringing of him.

When Count Vertigo’s cloak is closed, he is shrouded in mystery and his identity obscured by the cowl that reveals only his mouth and his eyes. However, the inside of the cape is a twisted and bewildering pattern that enhances his powers of confusion.

two Midnighter Is Fashion’s New Black Dress

Midnighter’s wholly original costume made readers sit up and notice when he first appeared in the pages of Wildstorm’s storm watch alongside Apollo. It is a black one-piece outfit with tactical boots that come up to his knees from him. Midnighter wears a black mask and matching leather jacket with buckles and straps on the arms.

A comic featuring Midnighter once included a quote from Grant Morrison that said, “After seeing Midnighter’s costume Batman is boring to me now.” Midnighter’s chest emblem has changed over the years, from the eclipsed sun to an outline of an eye with a single dot for the pupil.

1 Kimiyo Hoshi Is A Brighter Version Of Dr. Light

Kimiyo Hoshi is the second person to wear the mantle of Dr. Light. The first was Arthur Light but Kimiyo is more confident and less desperate than her predecessor and her outfit shows it. The shaped costume is black and in some versions, it has scales that look reptilian but are like solar panels on the arms and legs. Ella’s torso, by comparison, is smooth black with a white star emblazoned across her chest.

Dr. Light also has a white cape and a headpiece that frames her face in white. Dr. Light first appeared during Crisis on Infinite Earths when she drained the energy from a star and every detail of her costume was illuminated by starlight.

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