Final Fantasy 14 Player Becomes Highest Ranked On Every Job In Solo Deep Dungeon

Holding first place in Final Fantasy 14’s Deep Dungeons is beyond impressive, but one player manages to obtain a high score for all 19 combat jobs.

Before Torghast in world of warcraft, Final Fantasy 14 had Deep Dungeons – introduced with Palace of the Dead, and later expanded upon through Heaven-on-High in the Stormblood expansion. Deep Dungeons are content designed for both solo and group play, using procedurally generated floors filled with enemies, rewards, and deadly traps for players to deal with. With checkpoints spread out every ten levels, the challenge of Deep Dungeons in Final Fantasy 14 is to complete the full climb (or descent) without dying.


As of today, Palace of the Dead has 200 floors – while Heaven-on-High has 100. Final Fantasy 14 players who manage to complete Palace of the Dead can only receive the much-coveted Necromancer title. For most people, this is a Herculean effort that takes careful planning, patient execution, and a tiny sprinkling of luck. Others compete across their region in not only completing all Deep Dungeon floors but also doing them as efficiently as possible – reflected through the mode’s high score.

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Completing a Deep Dungeon alone is a remarkable feat. Having the high score for a job in a solo Deep Dungeon is worthy of glowing praise. To do so for every job in Final Fantasy 14 should sit comfortably in the realm of the impossible for just about everyone, yet that’s precisely what Finh Bezahl did. This exceptional player from Jenova holds the high score on all jobs for Heaven-on-High across the Aether Data Center. To celebrate an accomplishment long in the making, Finh Bezahl shared the news with Final Fantasy 14’s Reddit community.

Even jobs that normally struggle with Deep Dungeons in Final Fantasy 14such as Astrologian (AST) or Black Mage (BLM), proved no challenge for Finh, who pointed out that obtaining a high score on Black Mage was much easier due to the fact that few people were crazy enough to do ranking clears on jobs whose toolkits were ill-suited to tackle the game mode’s unique solo gameplay.

The next step for Finh Bezahl is to do an omni-clear for Palace of the Dead before trying to achieve high scores for all jobs for the older Deep Dungeon too, as they have already attained first place on 11 (out of 19) jobs. Some players question Finh’s sanity of her; others praise Finh’s dedication – but for this exceptional player, they just find the game mode fun – and at least when it comes to leveling combat jobs in Final Fantasy 14one can’t help but agree.

Final Fantasy 14 is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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