First Appearance of Timecop in Dark Horse Comics #1, at Auction Now


Thirty years ago, the launch of the comic book Dark Horse Comics was an attempt by publisher Dark Horse to try and play off their anthology series Dark Horse Presents. It came in the light of the new flashier comic books that were coming to the fore, courtesy of Marvel and Image Comics, with full color as opposed to DHP’s black-and white, a brand new number one and predator on the cover, coming only a couple of years after predator 2 and lots of talk about predator 3. This is who Dark Horse describes it at the time;

Dark Horse proudly presents the newest addition to our winning stable: Dark Horse Comics! This monthly, color anthology will feature some of the hottest properties and creators in the known universe. Some of the storylines presented in the pages of Dark Horse Comics will spin off into their own monthly series. The first issue features a Predator story by Ian Edginton and Rick Leonardi; a RoboCop tale by John Arcudi (Aliens: Genocide) and John Paul Leon that marks the beginning of a major new series; “Renegade” by Chris Claremont (X Men) and Vince Giarrano, which will introduce characters and situations that will be used in Claremont’s upcoming Aliens vs. predator strings; and “Time Cop” by Mark Verheiden (Predator: Race War), Wayne Losey, and Chris Warner (Aliens vs. predator). Plus, a special double-gatefold cover featuring all the characters painted by none other than Dave Dorman. Don’t miss placing your bets on this pony — it’s sure to be a winner!

Time Cop was small fry compared to Predator and RoboCop at the time, as well as a new Chris Claremont series that would lead into his aliens vs predator series. But timecop from Dark Horse owner Mike Richardson, writer Mark Verheiden and artist Ron Randall was turned into a film in 1994, timecop directed by Peter Hyams and co-written by then-Dark Horse owner Mike Richardson and co-creator Mark Verheiden, and starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Richardson also served as executive producer. And that must be up for a revival soon… Dark Horse Comics #1 is currently up for auction from Heritage Art Auctions in a CGC graded 9.8 slab, with bids totaling $81.

Dark Horse Comics #1 (Dark Horse, 1992) CGC NM/MT 9.8 White pages. Painted double-gatefold cover. Predator, Robocop, Timecop, and Renegade stories begin. Overstreet 2021 NM- 9.2 value = $5. CGC census 5/22: 74 in 9.8, none higher.

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