Newest beach reads are inspired by Hallmark movies

It’s beach book season again, and, as usual, publishers have released a bumper crop of tempting reads. But which to choose? Luckily, I’ve culled my favorites, all guaranteed to be good company no matter where you go this summer. My first three picks for best beach books take their inspiration from the Hallmark Channel.

Emily Henry’s “Book Lovers” borrows the tropes of Hallmark movies and gives them a fun twist. The book is about a small-town romance, but the main character isn’t the usual plucky, cookie-baking ingenue. Instead, it’s Nora Stephens, a tough literary agent who continually butts heads with a difficult editor, named Charlie. When Nora travels to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina, for rest and relaxation, instead of hooking up with a fresh-faced farmer or a well-built vet, she keeps running into pasty-faced Charlie.

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