Amazing Spider-Man’s Biggest Mistake Gets Even Worse in Marvel Comics

Marvel’s Captain Carter storyline repeats an infamous plot hole in The Amazing Spider-Man film – and it makes even less sense than before.

Warning: contains spoilers for Captain Carter #3!

Marvel’s most recent Captain Carter adventure recreates an infamous moment from Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man film – but unlike spider-man, the enemy in question has absolutely no excuse. Both Captain Carter and Peter Parker are popular characters, but that doesn’t mean their stories are free from plot holes and illogical decisions. Captain Carter #3 begins with one of these decisions that unfortunately sets the tone for all the antagonists in the book, for better or worse.

Captain Carter, while on the surface another Captain America variant, is very much his own character. Like Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter fought in World War II and was frozen in ice before the conflict’s end – but unlike Rogers, she was thawed out in the modern era in Great Britain. Her superiors de ella want to position her as a symbol of the UK’s strength and heroism-and since the overwhelming majority of superheroes in the Marvel Universe are either from or operate within the United States, Carter’s importance de ella on the world stage as a British superhero is magnified.


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Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop a conspiracy from forming with the attempt to kill Captain Carter and her allies. In Captain Carter #3, written by Jamie McKelvie with art by Marika Cresta, Lizzie Braddock is ambushed in her own home, the near-victim of an assassination attempt. Using her powers de ella to disarm and defeat her attackers and forcing them to flee, Braddock picks up a discarded gun from one of her assailants and is shocked to find the STRIKE logo on the grip of the silenced weapon.

This situation is strikingly familiar to fans of The Amazing Spider-Man film in 2012, in which Spider-Man fights the villain Lizard. The aforementioned antagonist discovers Spider-Man’s true identity when he comes across a camera labeled “Property of Peter Parker.” While this is admittedly a horrendous mistake on Peter’s part, it does make sense: he has received no training, operates alone, and has canonically made mistakes far worse than this. But the highly-trained members of STRIKE have absolutely no excuse – for both plastering their logo on their guns or leaving the gun behind at the scene of the near-murder in the first place.

Thanks to the STRIKE team’s mistake, Braddock is able to warn Carter who in turn avoids her own assassination. While every government organization certainly has their lapses in judgment, this black ops team should never learn from Peter Parker when it comes to tactics. Captain Carter is alive today because her attackers have the intelligence of spider-man – who is a Scientific genius but a tactical novice at best.

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