Brother’s Day: Significance, quotes and wishes to share with your bro

Having a brother means you have a partner in crime and also someone who will irritate and fight with you. There is a special day to honor and celebrate the special bond that you share with your brothers. Brother’s day is celebrated on May 24 every year in honor of not just biological brothers but also friends, cousins ​​and brothers-in-law with whom you share a strong bond.


Although there aren’t enough facts to support how Brother’s day came into existence, it is celebrated every year on May 24. It is said that the Brother’s day was first celebrated by Daniel Rhodes from Alabama in the year 2005. The celebrations quickly gained popularity and since then, May 24 is celebrated as Brother’s Day every year. In a short span, the popularity of Brother’s day spread from the US to other countries like France, Germany, India, China and Russia.

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