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heart stopper is the recent Netflix sensation that people can’t seem to stop talking about. The cute queer love story hasn’t been renewed for another season yet, but fans from all over the world are desperately hoping that Netflix’s renew it.

One of the best things about the series is its sharp, high-quality writing. The dialogue fits the generation of British teens perfectly, and the quotes can also be deeply meaningful. Many lines throughout the show are funny, charming, and empowering for the LGBTQ community, but some stand above the rest as particularly memorable.

Challenging The Stereotypes

“Masculine Guys Can Be Gay.” – Charlie

Charlie Walks Towards School In Heartstopper

Charlie is developing a crush on Nick at the beginning of the season. Tao tries to demotivate him for falling for Nick when he remarks that it’s easy to see that Nick is straight because he looks like it. Charlie is quick to dispel this stereotype by saying that boys can be masculine as well as gay.


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In the bigger context of things, this is such an important quote. It addresses and denies the prevailing stereotype in the world that gay guys are feminine and straight guys are masculine. This is addressed subtly many times in the media but it is hardly ever said outright.

Nick Belongs With Charlie

“You Seem Much More Yourself Around Him.” -Nick’s Mother

Olivia Colman Heartstopper Bloopers Netflix

Nick is a complex character, and he keeps a lot inside that even his mother hardly knows anything about him. However, she knows him enough to see when her son is most happy.

In the early few episodes, Nick is confused about his feelings towards Charlie. So, when his mother tells him that he seems much more like himself when he is with Charlie, it helps him understand what he’s feeling. With everyone else in his life, he is pretending, but with Charlie, he can be who he really is. This is one of several early hints that there are strong feelings building inside Nick.

A Cute, Sapphic Relationship

“You Befriended The School Lesbians.” -Darcy

Darcy and Tara dancing in Heartstopper.

Darcy is an out and proud queer character in Heart stopper. She is extremely confident in who she is, and that is what makes her so fun and inspirational to watch, especially for teens. Like Nick and Charlie, Tara/Darcy are an LGBTQ+ couple on the show.

When Elle voices her suspicion that Tara and Darcy are more than friends and are actually dating, Darcy comments that Elle has got the school lesbians as friends. It is a cute and witty comment, but it also shows how confident she is with her sexuality. Audiences rarely get to see such a healthy and not hypersexualized representation of lesbian romance in the media.

Discovering Sexuality

“You’re Just Gonna Assume They’re A She?” -Nick

Nick Sits In Form In Heartstopper

This is a pivotal moment in the series when Nick finally voices some of his inner turmoils. This happens in one of the highest-rated episodes of the series, “The Kiss.” Here, viewers finally get to witness the electrifying kiss of Nick and Charlie.

Before the kiss, Nick kind of admits that he is not straight even though he doesn’t clarify it. Also, it is important to note here that Nick addresses his hypothetical crush on him as “they,” which means that he uses they / them pronouns for a person whose gender he does n’t know.

Hints Of More Than Friendship Feelings

“You Look So Cuddly.” -Nick

Nick And Charlie In Their Form Group In Heartstopper

Nick and Charlie shared several cute moments in season 1 of heart stopper. In the second episode, Nick comes to hang out with Charlie in his home and throughout his time, he is feeling conflicted about his feelings of attraction toward Charlie.

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Viewers see him wanting to hold Charlie’s hand, but he stops himself. However, when Nick is about to leave Charlie’s house, he indirectly conveys that he wants to cuddle with him when he calls him cuddly. Then, unable to stop himself, he comes forward and wraps his arms around Charlie in a tight embrace. It confirms that he likes Charlie not just as a friend, but as more than that.

Darcy’s Sarcasm

“We Thank You For Your Service.” -Darcy

Darcy looking shocked at Heartstopper.

Darcy has got one of the best senses of humor and wit in this Netflix original series. The way she has a snappy answer to almost everything makes the show even more entertaining than it already is. In one memorable scene, viewers see Imogen commenting about Tara and Darcy’s relationship.

Imogen means no harm, but the way she makes remarks about them seems patronizing. When Imogen tries to defend herself by saying that she is not homophobic, but an ally to the queer community, Darcy replies sarcastically and thanks her for her service. It is one of the best lines and it speaks of the frustration people can sometimes feel when so-called “allies” act condescending.

Beneath The Façade

“Do You Ever Feel Like, You’re Only Doing Things Because Everyone Else Is? And You’re Scared To Change, Or Do Something That Might Confuse Or Surprise People? Your Real Personality Has Been, Like…Buried Inside You For A Really Long Time?” – Nick

Nick On Sports Day Looking Toward Charlie In Heartstopper

In this amazing scene, Nick finally lets the audience take a peek into his soul. He is talking to Imogen here, gently letting her know that he doesn’t feel a romantic attraction toward her.

Nick begins to talk about the inner turmoil that has been eating him up from the inside for a long time. It is an extremely vulnerable moment for Nick as he bars his heart out and conveys how suffocating he really feels. This moment is amazing as fans see the potential of an incredible friendship between Nick and Imogen.

Queer Experience In Sports

“It’s Hard To Be Confident When They All See Me As A Stereotypical Gay Boy Who Can’t Do Sports.” -Charlie Spring

Harry Is Picking On Charlie At A Movie Theater In Heartstopper

Charlie Spring is an out gay boy in heart stopper who is part of the rugby team. This shouldn’t be a big deal, he finds that stereotypes often inhibit queer people like him from living their lives the way they want. Charlie also struggles with this because he is often mocked by other rugby players.

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This significantly affects his confidence, and it gets hard for him to give it his all when playing the sport. He conveys this to their sports coach from her when she asks him why he is not performing well. Charlie says the quote nonchalantly, but it encompasses a much bigger truth, which is a reality for many queer sportspersons and athletes in the world.

Nick Eliminates Charlie’s Insecurities

“You Are The Kindest, Most Thoughtful, And Caring, And Amazing Person In The Whole World.” – Nick

Nick and Charlie kiss in a hallway in Heartstopper.

Based on one of the most romantic comic books, heart stopper has plenty of romantic scenes that have got fans swooning. The final episode is particularly romantic as Nick and Charlie finally get past all the obstacles in their love story. Nick abandons the Rugby match to take Charlie into the school building and tells him some amazing words that Charlie has needed to hear for a long time.

A lot of people in their school have mistreated Charlie, especially his ex, Ben. This has taken a toll on his self-esteem of him, and he believes that he does not deserve Nick. Thankfully, Nick gives a heartwarming speech and tries his best to dispel all of Nick’s insecurities from him. The speech is followed by a sweet kiss, confirming that everything is all right between them.

Coming Out As Bisexual

“No, I, Um… It’s Definitely Not Just Guys. It’s Called Bisexuality. If You’ve Heard Of That?” – Nick

Heartstopper's Bloopers Make One Nick Moment Even Better Heartstopper

One of the most talked-about scenes in the series is when Nick comes out as bisexual to his mom in the last episode of season 1. The scene is brilliantly acted by Kit Connor as Nick, and his emotions are visibly real, raw, and vulnerable. Several queer people resonated with this scene and the inspirational bravery that was shown in this moving moment.

Nick’s coming out and his mother’s positive response and acceptance are extremely empowering. It was also a great conclusion to the season and to Nick’s character arc of coming to terms with his sexuality.

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