The 10 Best Things About Hawkeye In Marvel Comics

Hawkeye is the bravest Avenger of them all. He’s just a regular guy who has mastered one of humanity’s oldest weapons, and he uses it to fight the greatest threats alongside the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe. He’s able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats, and everyone acknowledges that he belongs there, an amazing hero who has earned his top spot from him.

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Hawkeye is one of Marvel’s greatest heroes. Not only is Clint Barton great, but so is Kate Bishop, the two Hawkeyes making one of the best duos in comics. The sky’s the limit for Hawkeye, regardless of who is shooting the bow.

10 Hawkeye Is Usually The Most Entertaining Character On The Page

Since the beginning, Hawkeye’s sarcastic sense of humor has been one of his selling points. He was the Avenger most likely to quip in battle, and he was known for giving the other members a hard time in the funniest ways possible. Even after he gained some maturity, he was still one of the team’s best jokers, always ready to cut the tension with a well-timed joke.

Kate Bishop kept this up as Hawkeye, and the two of them together is always comedy gold. While jokes aren’t the extent of either Hawkeye’s character, both of them are always the most entertaining character on the page, and if they’re both there, it’s a special treat.

9 He’s A Master Of More Than Just The Bow And Arrow

Clint Barton grew up in the circus and was taught a lot by the man who would become known as Swordmaster. His archery was his best skill, but that was n’t the extent of what Barton could do, as Swordmaster taught him how to use many weapons. All of this only grew when he joined the Avengers, as training with Captain America made him an even more skilled hand-to-hand combatant.

His time as Ronin showed just how many weapons he was a master of, and he was even just as good with Captain America’s shield as the Star-Spangled Avenger himself. Hawkeye’s proven himself to be one of Marvel’s most formidable heroes even without his bow.

8 Neither Hawkeye Knows How To Quit

If there’s one thing that most superheroes have in common, it’s tenacity. Heroes are known for not quitting, but some take it farther than others, which is something that both Hawkeyes are known for. They’re very skilled heroes in their own rights, but they’re still just regular humans. The fact that they’ve thrown themselves into the situations they have, even when they didn’t have to, proves just how great they are.

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A great example of this comes from the Fraction/Aja hawk eye book, where the two of them engaged an entire gang completely on their own, putting their lives at risk for the residents of Clint’s apartment building. They could have called for help and let someone else handle it, but that’s not what a Hawkeye does.

7 Clint Redeemed His Villainous Past

Not every superhero makes a great first impression. This describes Clint Barton in a nutshell. Hawkeye first appeared as a pawn for an at-the-time villainous Black Widow in her battle against Iron Man, using her trick arrows and sheer will to battle the Armored Avenger. That could have been the end for Hawkeye, but he was given a second chance by Captain America and joined the Avengers.

Hawkeye wasn’t exactly the worst villain ever, but he still went from that to the biggest team in the Marvel Universe and made good. He’s a fine example of a character whose course was changed and became more important than ever before, redeeming his past mistakes from him.

6 Both Hawkeyes Work Very Well With Others

Hawkeye made a name for himself on the Avengers and has been involved in a lot of great team-ups. This also extends to Kate, who began as a member of the Young Avengers before branching out and becoming more of a solo hero. Both characters have proven to be perfect to put with other characters, which is a very important part of comics.

Not every character works well in a team-up situation, but the Hawkeyes do. Their abilities are pretty great and meld well with a variety of heroes, and they’re both entertaining enough to work off even the most dour heroes. They make other heroes look as great as they do.

5 He’s One Of Comics’ Best Archers

Archers in comics are a venerable institution. Hawkeye wasn’t the first, but he’s come to be among the greatest. There are a lot of factors to this; his trick arrows from him are the best, not as corny as some of Green Arrow’s, and have inspired the types of arrows other archers use. His original costume for him is one of the coolest costumes ever, and he’s always entertaining.

Hawkeye has proven to be extremely adaptable, growing as a character in remarkable ways over the years. He’s reached heights that many of his fellow comic archers haven’t, proving that bow and arrow wielding heroes have a huge place in superhero universes.

4 He Works Well With Many Different Villains

Hawkeye has battled many deadly villains over the years, both on his own and with the Avengers. He doesn’t really have too many villains of his own, but that’s okay; Hawkeye has proven able to have entertaining battles against all kinds of villains. From superpowered titans to more mundane ones, Hawkeye can have a great fight with anyone.

Hawkeye is in the sweet spot when it comes to ability and experience. He’s operated at the highest levels of the Marvel Universe, so it’s conceivable that he can put up a good fight against just about anyone, and this has given his fans some incredible fights.

3 Both Hawkeyes Fight Regardless Of Their Vulnerability

Hawkeye puts his body on the line every time he goes into battle, and the same is true of Kate Bishop. The two of them are just normal humans, not wearing any armor at all, and they’ve thrown themselves into conflicts with amazingly powerful forces more than once. In Clint’s case, it cost him his life once, but that never stopped him.

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Being a Hawkeye demands that one is always on the front line, no matter how drastic the battle is. Clint and Kate have both come to be completely about that life. There’s no threat they won’t face, regardless of the very real possibility they can die.

two He’s Earned His Iconic Status Outside The Avengers

Hawkeye is one of the Avengers’ biggest icons. He helped found the West Coast Avengers and led the team for a while. However, the Avengers are only where he got famous; even outside the team, he’s made an impact on the greater Marvel Universe. He helped the original team of Thunderbolts break away from Zemo and put them on the path of heroism, leading them for a while.

He took Kate under his wing and has worked on his own many times, fighting some of the most dangerous villains around. He’s used his relationship with the rest of the Marvel Universe to his advantage, showing everyone that he deserves to be thought of as one of the top heroes.

1 Clint And Kate Are Marvel’s Newest Iconic Duo

Comics are full of great duo acts, ones who elevate each other to new levels and entertain readers in ways they couldn’t alone. Clint and Kate don’t have the history of some of the most well-known, but they definitely deserve to be put amongst their number. Clint and Kate have more than proven that they are one of Marvel’s top duos and deserve to be in the running for the best.

The irony is they were never created to be a duo; Kate was meant to be a legacy character, but Hawkeye was dead at the time, and she was created to work with the Young Avengers. They fit together so well, though, that fans almost always demand that they be together. Each is great on their own, but as a duo, they are magic.

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