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There’s nothing to do around here.

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard someone say that…

Growing up, my mom had a banned word in our family — bored.

You did not say this. Ever. Under penalty of excruciating punishment divvied out by your older sister who told you not to say it.

Saying we were bored meant mom would find us something to do—usually chores of some sort that my sister and I would rather avoid.

We got pretty good at entertaining ourselves and staying occupied. And when rainy days resulted in canceled plans, mom was also good about finding us more fun pursuits than sweeping the floor. Her kitchen de ella was like a lab where she would whip up homemade play dough or she’d help us make ornaments or create something with that weird shrinking plastic stuff.

It’s easy to take for granted all the wonderful opportunities we have to get out and do something. Between work, school, cleaning, shopping, cooking, driving, remembering to pay bills, folding laundry, and more work, it can be hard to open your eyes to what’s right here ready and waiting for you when you need a little break or are looking for something to do.

Sure, the last few years have been a little light on activities. The pandemic had many of us reconsidering large events or choosing more solitary activities. But even during the slowest of slow times of the pandemic, there was still plenty to do in Cumberland County.

This week marks the start of the summer season, and it’s in full swing for 2022.

Just check out the special section in this edition — 100 Days of Summer. It is chock full of things to go and do — much of it right here in Cumberland County.

There will be live music on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays — and other days in between.

Summer is a great time to explore the beauty of Cumberland County. Thanks to the volunteers with Friends of the Trails, our state parks and the nearby national park areas, you are never far away from a walk in the woods. Remember to wear sunscreen and tick repellant. A bad sunburn or a tick-borne illness can really ruin your summer.

If you like to be entertained, the Palace Theatre, the Cumberland County Playhouse, Grinder House Coffee and more have you covered. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Cinderella for a couple of years.

And summer days were meant to be spent near the water. I love water activities. Kayaking, swimming, lying by a pool spending time with friends — these are the days I dream of when February’s gray skies leaving me feeling down. This year, the state park’s pool is open. And we’ve got the splash pad at Garrison Park.

But there’s so much more than just outdoor activities. You can learn a new craft at one of the many art classes offered around the county. You can find new books at the Art Circle Public Library — or connect your library card to the Tennessee READS system to get instant access to ebooks and audiobooks. You can challenge everyone to a game of laser tag or try your skill at mini golf. You can explore the history of the area at the Homesteads Tower, Pioneer Hall, the Military Memorial Museum and the Stone Museum.

And if you’re ever stumped for ideas, check out the weekly calendar of events in the Scene or online at www.crossville-chronicle.com/events. You can find upcoming activities for all interests.

I’ve noticed in the past several months my sense of time has altered. I don’t know if its lingering effects of the pandemic or getting older or what you have, but time is flying by. I’m struck by the truthfulness in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Now, I’m certainly not suggesting people should ditch school, steal their parent’s car and go have a crazy day in the city all while their mom thinks they’re home sick.

But don’t let these days just pass by. Take a time out from the day-to-day routine and find a new adventure this summer. I think you’ll find there’s plenty of opportunities.


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