Buffalo massacre underscores our nation’s racist history

Two mass shootings — the killing of 19 students and two teachers in an elementary school in Texas came on the heels of 10 Black Americans in Buffalo, New York. While both senseless, the massacre in Buffalo was clearly — according to the shooter’s alleged screed — racially motivated.

The accusations, conversations and attempts to understand and explain the massacre are again on replay. The latest effort to deconstruct this act of hatred points to the Great Replacement Theory — fear by the White majority of being replaced by Black and Brown people.

That’s nothing new, although it now has a nice academic-sounding name.

The reality is that you can analyze and call it whatever you want, but the truth is that acts like these are rooted in hate. This country was built on violence, the exploitation of labor and a belief that one race is superior to others.

Hate is not something that can be regulated or legislated; it cannot be prayed or protested away. It is in one’s heart and can only be altered or removed if that person is willing and able to see a different perspective. Most rarely admit if they’re wrong and instead continue to find or manufacture evidence that supports their existing point of view.

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