‘Ansuni Khwahishein’, Mujahid Ali Khan’s Most Awaited Book on Love, Friendship, Life & Motivation, Set to be Released Soon

Poems can evoke the deepest of feelings and can help connect with oneself. “Ansuni Khwahishein” Mujahid Ali Khan’s soon-to-be-released poetry book – is all about the beauty of life. These poems, coming straight from the poet’s heart, explore the finer nuances of friendship, love, compassion, and a gamut of other emotions that one experiences in life.

Born in Delhi, Mujahid Ali Khan is an upcoming and award-winning Urdu Poet and a Ghazal Writer. He has received several awards from well-known organizations and has won multiple online competitions. What drives him is his desire for him to make his fans happy with his heart-touching poems for him. He stays connected with his followers and fans by sharing his poems and couplets on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Ansuni Khwahishein features beautiful couplets that are filled with deep insights about love, life, hope, and friendship. Anyone reading these poems will be able to relate to these poems and will be enthralled by the intensity of the words. One will find strength and fulfillment in Mujahid Ali Khan’s “Ansuni Khwahishein”.
For Mujahid, writing has always been a way to tell stories that resonate with people. His words from him capture the most beautiful experiences of life in a way that captivates and tugs at heartstrings. His poems by him are inspired by the people who have come into his life by him and have left a deep impact. His rendezvous of him with different souls and hearts is what moves him to craft such beautiful poems.

As a writer, Mujahid has taken the genre of Ghazal and has done something completely out-of-box. For decades, Ghazal has been known to be a way to express love and romantic feelings between two lovers. Mujahid, being the creative maverick he is, has used Ghazal to eulogize his mother also. He has been widely applauded for this beautifully unique endeavor. Apart from poetry, Mujahid has also written a memoir that is yet to be published. Over the years, several reputed newspapers & portals published his poems by him.

When asked about “Ansuni Khwahishein”, Mujahid said, “Every word is written from the core of my heart. Every poem in this collection has a piece of me. I hope people love my book”.

To date, Mujahid has successfully written many couplets and poetries on every category either love or friendship & motivation which have been published on well-reputed websites and social media platforms. He won the first prize in Infosys Got Talent in Bangalore in Infosys competition.

Mujahid Ali Khan performs for noble causes as well as in private events. “For me, writing is like worshipping. I love it when people tell me how much they can relate to my poem or how much it meant to them. I connect with people through words”, said Mujahid Ali Khan.

Mujhahid’s greatest ambition in life is to write lyrics for Bollywood movies and have the capability to help the needy.


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