Children’s author releases book on life

Jun. 1—Author Stephanie Campbell decided to write her children’s book i want to live during a time of turmoil. She watched the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd and other young Black and brown people across the nation.

“My pastor would often say, when a man gets killed, a whole generation is wiped out. And then hearing about the younger children that never had a chance to live life, just got me to think that yeah, a whole generation will be wiped out.” out. My reasoning for writing the book is that it details events that happen in a child’s life. But if they die or get killed at a young age, they don’t get to experience these things,” she said.

The book was released last week, but Campbell said she started writing the book last year. And so far, the people who have read it have given her a positive review. And she has a five-star rating on Amazon, which is where the book can be purchased.

“People who have purchased it say that it is a kid-friendly book and that it was well written and it was written for a time such as this,” Campbell said. “I hope that they learn that life is worth living.”

The pandemic helped Campbell to reinforce that thought. She works in public health and saw how the COVID-19 pandemic changed lives — and ended lives.

“I’ve lost family members to COVID and I began thinking, I just want to live,” she said. “I was reminded the other day to finish that book because I saw that a local teacher had written a book with her class of her.”

And that’s when the former educator got the spark to finish the task she’d started. “When I read the article about the teacher who’d written the book with her class, it reminded me to pick that thing back up.”

What Campbell didn’t expect to happen was that school shooting in Texas last Tuesday.

“I know the world can be cruel, I didn’t want anybody to attack me for monetary gain because I did publish the book right now,” she said. “But I got a prophetic word that God said this is the time. Even before the shooting happened, I had already finished the book. When a young child reads the book, I want them to know that these are the things that you’re going to experience in life. You’re going to get play in the sun, you’re going to get to graduate high school and continue the generation on. I hope that any child who reads the book will enjoy every God-given day of life and become a productive citizen in the world.”

Campbell said the book is about the journey from childhood to young adulthood and what a child can expect to experience. The book comes in two parts, she said. One part tells the story and the second part, which is called the self-editor addition, is a book where the reader can draw their experiences, like playing with toys and other things that are described in the book.

“Life is enjoyable and you make the best of it and live,” she said.

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