Fact vs fiction: The Offer episode 8 — what really happened?

Al Ruddy (Miles Teller) would surely tell you the devil you know is better than the one you don’t — at least based on his experience in the most recent episode of The Offer, “Crossing That Line.” After forming an understanding with Joe Colombo (Giovanni Ribisi) about the relationship between the mob and the production of The Godfathereverything is thrown out of whack following the assassination attempt and Joe Gallo (Joseph Russo) trying to intimidate Ruddy for a piece of the pie.

That is just one of the myriad of problems facing the making of The Godfather this week. Others include trying to scrounge up money so they can go shoot on location in Italy, Robert Evans’ personal life and drug use impacting his work and actor Gianni Russo (Branden Williams) going too far and getting a taste of his own medicine from co- star James Caan (Damian Conrad-Davis). But which of these events in the show — based on producer Al Ruddy’s experiences — actually happened and what has been “tweaked” for dramatic effect?

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