Stranger Things Season 4 Writers Respond to Stephen King’s Complaint

The Stranger Things writer’s room has responded to a tweet from Stephen King that both praised the new season and criticized its 2-part split.

the stranger things writer’s room responds to a tweet from the King of Horror himself Stephen King after he asked why season 4 was split into two parts. In terms of authority figures, there is perhaps none greater than Stephen King, whose books have sold millions of copies and defined horror fiction. With a catalog that includes some of the greatest scary stories ever put to the page, including Carrie, Salem’s Lot, Pet Semetary and The ShiningKing’s work has influenced not only authors but also filmmakers across the world.

It’s no surprise then, that King’s influence can be found all over stranger things. With the release of season 4 part 1 last Friday, and the upcoming release of part 2 on July 1, the King-inspired small town of Hawkins, Indiana has once again brought the scares. Much of what King first pioneered has become a staple of Stranger Things, and the writer’s fingerprints are all over the show’s episodes, particularly the storyline of children being pursued by a monster, which is straight out of Item. However, King took to Twitter recently to question why stranger things season 4 is split into two parts while praising the show. The prolific author praised the new season, saying it’s “as good or better than the previous three” before adding that it’s “kind of licks“That the new season is split into two parts.


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the stranger things writer’s room has now tweeted their response. Replying to King’s original complaint, they lovingly refer to him as “Uncle Stevie” and explained that the as-yet-unreleased episodes 8 and 9 “aren’t done yet.“They then go on to say that they are glad King enjoyed the season and are happy that he”picked up on our super subtle Carrie riff.” Read the full tweet below:

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This then answers a question that many fans have asked since it was announced that stranger things season 4 would be split into two parts, showing that the reason for the delayed episodes 8 and 9 was due to them not being completed, and wasn’t a ploy to build hype for the finale. This is interesting to discover as the lengthy production period that preceded stranger things season 4 should have given the youhave plenty of time to get things completed. However, given the feature-length of the final two episodes, with season 4 episode 9 clocking in at 2 and a half hours, the fact that there is still work to be completed should come as a surprise to nobody. It’s also in line with some of the recent delays of major blockbusters (most notably in the DCEU), with reports indicating that the delays are due to a backup in special effects departments.

Whatever happens, it can be hoped that stranger things season 4 part 2 lives up to the quality of part 1 that King mentioned in his original tweet. The shock reveal of Vecna’s identity set up an incredible showdown between Eleven and One and should produce some classic King-inspired telekinetic fireworks. Combined with an incredible runtime, the upcoming two episodes could become some of the show’s greatest, although they might be the first episodes of television to ever require an interval.

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