The 10 Most Disliked Teen Titans Villains In The Comics, Ranked

The Teen Titans have some of the most diverse villains in DC Comics, but they’ve also got some of DC’s most hated foes. This is outside the norm for superhero fandom, where nearly everyone has their own favorite villains. However, it’s a bit harder to have a favorite villain when they cause so much trouble for this beloved team of young heroes.

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Sure, there are a few villains who are fan-favorites, but there are far more the fanbase truly dismisses. Some of this comes from petty issues, while others are hated for solid reasons beyond Titans fandom. Meanwhile, others are still hated because of their actions in stories that have long been considered uncanonical.

10 Mr. Twister Should Have Been Left In The Silver Age

Mr. Twister was the very first villain the Teen Titans ever fought. When Bromwell Stikk gained the ability to control the weather, his first action was to return to the city of Hatton Corners and assault it. He kidnapped the town, causing the Teen Titans to get involved. Twister appears multiple times in future comics, and he never becomes more likeable.

The character makes multiple appearances in the comics, gaining more power each time, and making himself more of a problem for the Titans. He even made the Titans forget their identities at one point. All this work to fix a supervillain who wasn’t even serious enough for the Silver Age.

9 Mento Tried To Attack His Son Garfield

Mento briefly became the leader of the Doom Patrol and helped adopt the Teen Titan, Garfield Logan. But after aiding Swamp Thing with a magical problem, his personality changed abruptly. After that, Mento proved a problem for both his son Logan and for the Titans. He even hired an opposing super-team known as the Hybrid to battle the Titans.

What makes Mento so frustrating is how much emotional harm his mental health issues caused by Beast Boy. Garfield tried to help him, but Mento only pushed him away, believing his son to be responsible for the Doom Patrol’s deaths.

8 HIVE Is A Generic Supervillain Group

HIVE is a secret organization that often comes into conflict with the Teen Titans. There’s nothing wrong with this villainous group, they just feel…pointless. They have a ridiculous gimmick that reminds people of AI, but they don’t have many people on the roster to differentiate them from the Marvel super scientists.

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It feels like HIVE relies on numbers to become a minor annoyance to the team. They’re a great set of starter villains, but when the team is dealing with opponents like Slade and Trigon, they can’t really evolve into much of a threat.

7 Deathwing Is From A Confusing Era In Titans’ History

Deathwing comes from the second half of the New Teen Titans run, the half fans never want to talk about. The character is supposed to be Dick Grayson from a dark future where the Titans are battling against an evil villain who’s taken over the world. This Dick Grayson travels back in time and joins the team, only to be corrupted by Raven and change his name from Nightwing to Deathwing.

This character represents an era of teen titans where the book was confusingly tied into knots by its own continuity. To make things worse, the character turned out to not even be Dick Grayson…and no one knows who he really was.

6 Harvest Has Seemingly Endless Power

Harvest is from the Teen Titans’ New 52 era and again represents the part that no one wants to remember. Though his goal was to make sure teen heroes weren’t using their powers irresponsibly, he pursued it through inhumane experiments.

Harvest forces teens to fight alongside him against the Teen Titans, and his goal is dominating the planet by controlling the next era’s metahumans. The era of comics Harvest comes from weren’t always well-written, which makes him easy to dislike. Worse, he just seemed to be everywhere and know everything, for very little reason.

5 Terror Titans Were A Copy Of Another Supervillain Team

The Terror Titans were a villainous team based on the Titans themselves. This team was organized by the Clock King, so things were already off to a terrible start.

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The Terror Titans’ goal involved capturing the original Titans and turning them for the Dark Side Club ahead of Darkseid’s conquest of Earth. The Terror Titans’ biggest problem is that they felt repetitive, appearing soon after Titans East. They were also part of a time when the Titans comics were dark and grim and characters were constantly dying or being killed, making them even less fun.

4 Superboy-Prime Was A Spoiled Brat Who Attacked The Titans For No Reason

Superboy-Prime feels like a Justice League villain and a Green Lantern Corps villain but he’s also a villain to the Teen Titans. Because this Superboy ca n’t accept an Earth that is n’t his when the Titans appear he does n’t accept them as real heroes.

Though the entire Titans stand together against him, his strength as a Pre-Crisis character makes him too strong for almost anyone. He tears his way through former Titans members from older teams, meaning he’s directly responsible for what happens to them. Worse still, he’s also responsible for Bart Allen getting lost in the Speed ​​Force, as that seemed to be the only way to get rid of the former Impulse.

3 Titans East Included Characters Who Shouldn’t Have Been There

Slade created a new version of the Titans East when he decided to build a team to take down the Teen Titans. Again. It featured a group of teenagers who’d been manipulated by Slade into believing that the best thing for the Titans was taking them down. The problem was its line-up was made up of characters who had no business on Slade’s team.

It’s one thing to have a basically heroic character like Bombshell in the line-up. It’s another thing entirely to include someone as smart and iconic as Batgirl in the group. Cassandra deserves to be recognized by the rest of the superhero community as a hero, not an unpredictable villain.

two Deathstroke Can Manipulate Anyone Into Doing His Bidding

Deathstroke is liked by most DC fans, but he’s not a favorite among Titans fans. He’s caused the team too many problems. Because Slade Wilson could not accept his son’s responsibility when he tried to kill the Titans, Deathstroke spent years trying to ruin the Titans.

He allowed HIVE to experiment on him to grant him special abilities. Since that time, he’s turned young children against the Titans, manipulating them for his own benefit from him. A character is never more despicable than when he has something against a team that’s made up entirely of children and early twenty-somethings.

1 Doctor Light’s Behavior Is Worse Than His Powers

Doctor Light started out as the goofy Teen Titans villain that any single member could beat on their own. He wasn’t hated or loved so much as just a funny piece of Silver Age history. and then Identity Crisis happened.

This book gave Doctor Light a massive power-up and made him into a villain who could single-handedly take down the Teen Titans on his own. And that’s without getting into what else the story turned him into. By the end of Identity CrisisLight’s mind is restored, and he becomes an unrepentant monster who hates the Titans.

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