Kabirdas Jayanti 2022: Date, famous Dohas and Significance

Kabirdas Jayanti 2022: Kabirdas Jayanti is considered to be the birth anniversary of Sant Kabirdas. Kabirdas was known as a great Indian poet and saint. Kabirdas Jayanti is celebrated by his followers in India and Abroad also. Kabirdas Jayanti falls on the full moon day ie purnima tithi in the month of Jyeshtha every year. Kabirdas Jayanti is being celebrated today ie Tuesday, June 14th2022.
It is believed that Kabirdas was born to a Hindu mother but on the other hand some people believe that he was a Muslim as he brought up by a Muslim family in Varanasi. It is believed that he was born in 1398 and died in 1448, although there is a dispute about his birth and death year. Kabirdas was a well known 15th century poet, saint and a social reformer.
Kabirdas showed interest in spirituality at an early age and called himself as a child of Lord Rama and Lord Allah. The Bhakti movement was highly influenced by his works. Kabirdas established a spiritual community called ‘Kabir Panth.’ Today, this community has a vast number of followers. Later Kabirdas was known as Sant Kabirdas.
Kabir Das used a very simple language to write and convey the true meaning of life. Hindi was used to write dohas, which are simple to understand. The dohas written was a piece of art. The people happily accepted his poetry from him. His idea of ​​him was to spread awareness among people through his poetry of him. His poems by him and dohas have also been adopted at the school-level curriculum.
On Kabirdas Jayanti, many of his followers remember him and recite his poems and commemorates this day. His teachings of him have inspired a lot of people. Seminars are organized by people to make his followers understand the importance of his great teachings.
His followers believe that Kabirdas is still alive in their hearts. People celebrate this day in Varanasi, which is the birthplace of Kabirdas. Schools and colleges also create a platform for students to read his poems by him and celebrate this day.
These are his few renowned writings :-
1. Anurag Sagar
2. Kabir Granthawali
4. Sakhi Granth
Kabirdas famous Doha’s :-
1. Guru Gobind Dau Khade, Kaake Laagu Paye
Balihaari Guru Apne, Govind Diyo Milaye
2. Aisi Vaani Boliye, Mann ka Aapa Khoye
Auran Ko sheetal Kare, Khud Bhi Sheetal Hoye
3. Bada Bhaya toh kya Bhaya, Jaise Ped Khajoor
Panchi Ko Chhaya Nahin, Phal Lage Ati Door
4. Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Na Mileya Koye
Jo Mann Dekha Apna, Mujhse Bura Na Koye
5. Dukh Me Sab Sumiran karein, Sukh Me Kare Na Koi
Jo Sukh Me Sumirana Kare, Toh Dukh Kahe ko Hoye
6. Sai Itna Dijiye, Ja Me Kutumb Samaye
Main Bhi Bhukha Na Rahun, Sadhu Na Bhukha Jaye.


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