10 Best Quotes From Love, Victor Season 3

Because Love, Victors season 3 was the final season, all the loose ends were tied up and answered – Victor embraced his identity and renewed his relationship with Benji, marking a satisfying conclusion to the protagonist’s arc.

Since the show’s premiere, Victor embarked on a difficult journey to come to terms with his identity while settling in a new city. But, his experiences of him led to discussions about the LGBTQ+ community, with Victor and his friends of him discovering about themselves and what makes them feel happy within. These inspirational and memorable quotes reflect on each character’s growth and maturity from these experiences.


Isabel Realizes She Hasn’t Forgiven Herself

“He May Have Forgiven Me But I Am No Way Ready To Forgive Myself.”

Victor and Isabel smiling by church

At the beginning of Love, Victor, Victor’s mother Isabel can’t seem to accept that he is gay because of her religious beliefs. She struggles the most with both of these concepts and ca n’t forgive herself for her past reactions to her.

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In season 3, she concludes after hearing another mother accept her son for who he is, that she wasn’t as quick to allow her son to be who he truly is. It was hard for her to realize how wrong she was but the series shows how she quickly learns to move past her own issues and be there for her son de ella with the support of her husband de ella by her side de ella.

Pilar And Felix Make It Official

“It’s Real. We Love Each Other.”

Felix and Pilar laying on the bed listening to tablet

When Pilar and Felix realize that they have feelings for one another, they take it to the next step by dating. However, Pilar is apprehensive about telling her parents about her because she knows how extreme and overprotective her father is.

Because it’s a new and genuine relationship, Pilar keeps the relationship close to her. She has a problem trusting that her parents will accept their relationship, which causes conflict with Felix. Their relationship this season has ups and downs because of the opinions from all parties and their relationship ends open-ended. Despite their breakup, Love, Victor fans question if Pilar and Felix can someday get back together.

Mia Has Lake’s Back

“I’m Always On Your Side.”

Lake and Mia talking in a bedroom

Lake struggles with finally standing up to her mother who is constantly criticizing her. After Mia is essentially forced to go shopping with Lake’s mother, Mia realizes that all Lake’s mother wants her to spend more time with her daughter.

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The relationship between these two friends has a hiccup because they view their relationships with their mothers differently. Mia makes it known that she understands Lake’s mother and wants them to reconnect because she does not have that connection with her mother. Ella’s Lake and her mother come to an agreement, and she’s able to come out to her. This was something Lake thought she would not be able to do because her mother is quick to judge.

Victor And Benji Get Pulled Back To One Another

“Come On, Diego.”

Victor standing outside while meeting Benji

Benji’s father tells Victor to stay away because he triggers his drinking with how emotional their relationship is. There is a moment when Victor attempts to move on, goes on a dating app, and pretends to be a guy named Diego.

The mystery man ends up being Benji. They end up making the most of it and going along with the adventure. It goes to show how linked these two are and why they are one of the best LGBTQ+ couples from a teen show. They both know that they need to take time away from each other, but it gets harder when they realize that they need each other more than anyone knows.

Victor Wants To Help Another Student

“I Could Be His Simon.”

Victor sitting at lunch table outside with Liam

In a full-circle moment, Victor realizes that another student named Liam could be in the closet as he was not too long ago. He takes it upon himself to try to help Liam, like how Simon assisted Victor.

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Victor sees himself in Liam and genuinely wants to be the mentor he once had. It’s a great opportunity to show just how much Victor has accepted himself and he feels proud to help another student he does not know too well. Victor has grown so much in the past two seasons and has become an even better friend because of all the support he had.

Benji Tries To Keep His Life Manageable

“We Are A Lot Of Things, Victor. And I’m Not Sure Simple Is One Of Them.”

Victor and Benji on a walk outside at night

When Benji relapses, he is forced to go to rehab. His father tells Victor that they aren’t allowed to spend time again, but the universe finds a reason for them to meet once more.

The separation makes them realize how much they depend on each other. Benji has become an important source of support for Victor and he feels empty without him around. The series highlights their complicated relationship and the different issues they need to address to have a successful relationship. And throughout the three seasons, Benji and Victor become one of the best duos in Love, Victor.

Rahim Tells Victor To Accept The Brave Award

“You Say You’re Out And Proud, But You’re Out And Proud On Your Own Terms.”

Rahim stands against wall at school

Victor is conflicted about accepting an award for the basketball team, but Rahim tells him that this award is more than just an award. Rahim tells him that he is lucky with how Victor can go through life and that it’s just not as easy for everyone else.

Rahim’s words prove how intuitive he is and why he is one of the smartest characters on the show. Victor’s experience isn’t the same as everyone else’s and Victor learns that the hard way. He lets Victor know that he can set a positive example by taking the award and being a great role model for his team and the whole school with this “Bravery award.” Later, his speech inspires other characters to be brave as well and Rahim’s words run true.

Felix Admits To Pilar Why He Pushed Back

“I Got A Cozy Place Where There Was Always Food In The Fridge. There Were Parents I Could Rely On.”

Felix and Pilar talking on a couch

Pilar fears of her parents’ disapproval, but when her parents finally learn about their relationship, Felix is ​​the one that gets shut down. He gets closed out from their family which is something he never had before.

This quote from Felix reveals a different side because he is able to be more serious and vulnerable. The Salazar family means a lot more to him than Pilar realized, and although they might not work as a couple, it is important for Felix to still have a place that makes him feel safe. Pilar realizes this and put her feelings from her to the side of her to give him a chance at family.

The Lake Gets Sentimental At The Carnival

“It Might Be The Last Time We’re All Together For A While.”

teen characters meeting in the school hallway

Everyone is saying their goodbyes while also enjoying the last wholesome moments of the carnival. Everything they went through throughout the series has finally come to this moment.

Victor’s world is changing, and the friends that provided him with important lessons for him won’t be there forever. However, each character has their own opportunities for growth and experiences similar journeys to Victor with highs and lows. They’ve stood up for themselves and also learned to be compassionate when it comes to others.

Victor Has Revelations About Who He Is

“The Scariest Things Are The Most Important Things Like Admitting Who You Are Or Who You Love.”

Victor closeup at carnival

During his award speech, he stops to thank the people in his life that made him feel proud of accepting the award that he wasn’t so sure of accepting in the first place.

Victor knows what being brave truly means, and he knows now after the past year how he is no longer afraid of anything because of the people in his life. He also isn’t afraid of being alone. He is mature enough to be content with how his life is in the moment and learns to be his true self.

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