10 Brilliant Artists We’d Love To See Write A Musical

The musical genre is making a comeback in cinemas with the recent success of In The Heights and upcoming hits like wicked making their way to the screen. Some numerous singers and songwriters have also found themselves interacting with the entertainment world when it comes to both writing and acting.

These artists have multiple talents, which could combine well to tell a story in the musical format. They’d bring a unique point of view and their previous work could certainly set the tone of what kind of piece they may wish to produce if they were to embark on this exciting path.

Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham in The Chicken from The Inside Outtakes

Bo Burnham’s recent Netflix special, Inside, helped to redefine how people look at those kinds of comedy shows. The actor, singer, songwriter, and stand-up have all the narrative-based abilities needed to create a musical compelling. Some of his songs by him already fit pretty well.


‘Welcome To The Internet’ is a perfect example of what a villain song in the world of Bo Burnham might look like. There’s already precedent for music-based comedians to step into this landscape. Tim Minchin’s work on Matilda for instance it has been widely well-regarded.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in House of Gucci

Lady Gaga is one of the most influential and imaginative pop icons of the modern-day. While she’s stepped into plenty of musical genres and has demonstrated she knows how to write gorgeous songs, there’s an interest from the performer to move further into this kind of performance.

Her work on A Star Is Born, and the various songs she’s produced for movies like Top Gun: Maverick, demonstrate she could have what it takes to produce a full-on musical tale. It would be intriguing to see what a musical Lady Gaga would look like and whether she would star in it, considering her extraordinary acting abilities.

Harry Styles

My Policeman Emma Corrin and Harry Styles in pool

Harry Styles is one of the hottest performers right now. His turn of him as an actor in dunkirk and Eternals has marked just the start of what looks to be a blossoming career on screen. Outside of One Direction Styles has thrived, bringing out plenty of singles and albums that boast his unique style.

The flamboyant showman has a great grasp of the stage and the screen. Perhaps these talents could be moved towards the realm of the musical, with his understanding of the industry contributing to a new narrative being told. Styles is endlessly creative and would craft something unlike anything seen before.

Childish Gambino

Donald Glover as Earn in Atlanta spreads his arms in airport security.

Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover, has demonstrated that he could teach a masterclass on balancing a career on both the stage and the screen. Whether it’s his early days of him in Community or his more recent work on Atlanta and Only, Glover always showcases why he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Atlanta in particular features original music and his work on Guava Island gives a general sense of what a Childish Gambino musical might feel like. There’s a project in there for Glover, who might be working on new music. He even has experience in the genre thanks to his time of him as Simba in The Lion King.


8 Mile Eminem

Eminem’s version of storytelling is unique and he has become one of the most well-renowned rappers in the world because of it. themovie 8-Mile showcased his understanding of narrative and how to weave an emotional thread on-screen while involving his iconic music.

There could be a musical in Eminem somewhere, just waiting to break out. There are very few musicals that totally rely on rap, but hamilton has set the stage for a writer and artist like Eminem to enter the scene and blow everyone away once more.

Ed Sheeran

Game of Thrones Ed Sheeran Lannister

Ed Sheeran loves the larger entertainment world. He’s made plenty of cameos in films and TV shows like the musical Yesterday or Game of Thrones. He is constantly creating original music and his music videos are great examples of how those songs could mesh with visuals.

Ed Sheeran has done it all and might be looking for a new challenge. The format of the musical could be an opportunity to try something new. He could easily combine his amazing songwriting skills his love for fantasy, as he has done in the past for The Hobbit into a fun new musical.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande Don't Look Up Adam McKay

Ariana Grande loves musicals. It’s the reason why she’s starring in wicked, alongside her brilliant vocals and background as a Nickelodeon star. Grande is as popular as ever and her songs by Ella have managed to transcend specific genres, moving her across the industry.

As her roles become more prominent, with a recent appearance in Don’t Look Up, for instance, that screen time might be translated into more narrative work. Since she’s so in love with the musical format, perhaps Grande should write one of her own de ella. It’s sure to be instantly iconic!


Beyonce wears a feathery white dress on stage

There’s nothing Beyoncé can’t do. From her de ella visual albums to her de ella gorgeous songwriting, the artist has a hand in almost everything. movies like The Lion King and dreamgirls indicate she’s well versed in the tropes of musicals and could certainly contribute something different.

Beyoncé is one of the few performers who has successfully made the transition from one industry to the other. It’s very possible that she could next make her way to Broadway, creating yet another hit that would rely upon the beautiful sound her records have become associated with.


Lil Dicky, who now goes by Dave, is a rapper but also an astonishing writer and performer. His songs by him are hilarious and he’s now turned his unusual style towards a show on FXX, titled Dave. It’s a signal that there might be something there regarding a musical project.

If Dave was to produce something of this kind it would have to be comedy driven. That isn’t to say that Lil Dicky doesn’t touch on important issues though, or that he’s incapable of creating emotionally charged narratives. He can do all of those things and musically innovate at the same time.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s musical style has constantly evolved throughout her career. Her albums by Ella are vastly different and the songwriter is now going through the process of re-recording all of them. However, it could leave her some time to write a brand new musical.

Swift is a huge fan of musicals and even starred in the big-screen adaptation of cats With that passion already there, it’s easy to imagine the kind of sound Taylor Swift might be able to bring to a Broadway piece, with her recent music videos showcasing her skills of crafting visually intriguing stories as well.

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