DC Comics Teases Return Of Bloodwork For The Flash Season 9


So, we have seen DC Comics teasing one version of Flash that is meant to be hitting the movie screens – though since our report on the Ezra Miller situation, DC exclusive distributor Lunar Distribution has pulled the listing for that comic from their site, but bizarrely not from DC Comics’ own website. Right hand not telling the left hand what it is doing, perhaps. Anyway, today sees DC Comics tease something for the TV version of the Flash, with the publication of Earth-Prime #6 containing the conclusion of their cataclysmic storyline set in the Arowverse continuity. But they also have a little coda. With Cisco Ramon, also known as Vibe, at ARGUS Headquarters, with a repurposed Samuroid, now renamed The Rogue Roid for replicating Flash rogue attacks, and putting Tinya Wazzo, the Phantom Girl, through her peace of mind.

Stuff goes down, as an escape plan kicks off, so the suit has to be used for more aggressive purposes than just training.

DC Comics Teases Return Of Bloodwork For The Flash Season 9

But even as an escape from the holding cells at ARGUS is planned and executed, one of the inmates isn’t around when everything has been mopped up.

DC Comics Teases Return Of Bloodwork For The Flash Season 9

The Flash Season 6 introduced Bloodwork from the DC Comics, created by Joshua Williamson, Pop Mhan and Christian Duece, as to Flash foe. Dr. Ramsey Rosso sought immortality by striking fear into others and feeding on their adrenaline-infused blood. He became the super villain Bloodwork in his quest for him, only to be defeated and incarcerated by the Flash. He was later visited by minions of the Mirror Master for a blood sample to free their mistress. Choosing not to leave with them, he talked about a getaway in the future.

DC Comics Teases Return Of Bloodwork For The Flash Season 9
Flash Season 6 screencap

Well, it looks like it has happened and will be leading into Flash Season 9, airing on CW in 2023 and thought to be the final season of the show… maybe you’ll get a Rogue Roid too if the budget will stretch to it.

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