How to Defeat The Boys’ Homelander Based on the Comics

Superman made his debut with Action comics in 1938. He later became one of the most powerful characters in comic book history. Back then, Superman inspired hope, but in modern storytelling, the villain needs to match or exceed the power of the hero to create a compelling tale. Re-imagining Superman as a villain has become a popular idea with Invincible, Brightburn, and TheBoys. In TheBoys, Homelander stands in as Superman and outclasses every other character making him a very scary adversary. In the original Amazon Prime, Homelander reigns as the Big Bad and gets worse as time progresses. In the current season, the boys have one goal: to kill Homelander.

How can Homelander be killed if he out-powers everyone? In the comics, Vought created a clone of Homelander as insurance to take him out if he gets out of control. Black Noir hid his identity from him from not only the public but also from his own teammates to prevent Homelander from knowing that a clone of him exists. The only thing that rivals the powers of Superman would be the powers of Superman, so Homelander eventually meets his end of him at the hands of Black Noir.

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The show went in a different direction with Black Noir. Instead of being Homelander’s clone, he has been race swapped and forced to conceal his race from him by wearing a mask. He resisted it, but then accepts after his disfiguration from a battle zone. He exhibits the strength of Homelander, but has never shown any of his additional powers from him. Black Noir currently shows no sign of killing Homelander since he seems loyal to Vought. Without this storyline in place, Homelander’s death is more of a mystery; he can roam free without worrying about anyone with powers to match him.

But, his son, Ryan, rivals him in power and has shown his capabilities by nearly killing Stormfront. While Ryan has the powers to match his dad, he does not fully understand or like his powers, and his youth puts him at a disadvantage. Ryan’s laser eyes only activated on Stormfront only because she sought to kill his mom from him. The blast effectively defeated Stormfront, but Homelander and Stormfront never fought, therefore the power comparisons between him and his son are unclear. Homelander can control the power of his lasers as shown when he heats up a bottle of milk, so he also could likely have defeated Stormfront in the same way.

Another likely candidate to defeat Homelander is Billy Butcher. On V24, a temporary version of Compound V, Billy Butcher has similar powers to Homelander. If he decided to take Compound V like his comic book counterpart, he may have enough power to possibly take out Homelander. Comic book Billy Butcher and Billy Butcher from the show both hate supes and superpowers, but his comic book counterpart knew that defeating supes required superpowers. Homelander could still outrank him in strength and being on a temporary compound V could leave Butcher vulnerable if it runs out.

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The final solution that may work could turn into a “lesser of two evils” with the use of Soldier Boy as a secret weapon. Aside from Homelander’s son and Butcher sharing the same powers as Homelander, the show introduced Soldier Boy with a new set of powers. Based on Captain America, the story is the same in the comics and the show, except that the show also took a Bucky Barnes approach.

For decades, Soldier Boy faced experimentation, and his first appearance displayed a great deal of power, including stripping Kimiko of her powers and creating fatal blasts. With his level of power from him, he could definitely rival Homelander and kill him on his own. But, he could also strip Homelander of his powers from him and force him to live powerless as a punishment considering people only tolerate him out of the fear of his powers from him.

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