The Best Things About Ms. Marvel In The Comics

Since her debut in Marvel’s Captain Marvel Issue #14, Kamala Khan has quickly established herself as a fan-favorite character. Thanks to their signature charm and thrilling storylines, Ella’s Kamala’s adventures in the comics have gained fans of all ages.

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After taking over the mantle of Ms. Marvel from Carol Danvers, Kamala developed into a powerful hero with a strong moral center. From her time de ella as a member of the Avengers to her tenure as a founding member of the Champions, Ms. Marvel consistently demonstrated both her skill de ella and her commitment to following her values ​​de ella.

10 She Is One Of Marvel’s Most Relatable Heroes

Following in the footsteps of other Marvel greats like Peter Parker, Kamala Khan’s double life is split between the ordinary misadventures of her teenage years and her responsibilities as a high-level superhero. Even though she’s stood alongside the likes of Iron Man and Captain Marvel, Kamala never loses what makes her relatable.

Kamala writes fan fiction, plays videogames, endlessly quips about other heroes, and struggles with the responsibilities of family, friends, and everyday life. The interplay between the varying aspects of Kamala’s life and her genuine — often humorous — personality makes her one of Marvel’s most relatable characters.

9 She’s Had Some Amazing Team-Ups

While Ms. Marvel has proven she can hold her own when fighting alone, she also has extensive experience working with a team of other superheroes. Despite her young age, Kamala has partnered with elite squads like the Avengers and select members of the X-Men, such as Wolverine and Cyclops.

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Kamala also formed her own team, the Champions, and was joined by Spider-Man, Nova, and a laundry list of other characters in the team’s rotating cast. Because of her history of her as a super-fan of costumed heroes, Kamala’s team-ups of her always felt like the best type of wish fulfillment, revealing what it would be like to work alongside beloved characters from the Marvel roster.

8 She Provides A Fresh Perspective

Kamala Khan is Marvel’s first Muslim superhero in a leading role, paving the way for a diverse, unique perspective. As a first-generation American, Kamala’s story by her presents a sincere view of the complex dichotomy between the values ​​of two different cultures: that of her family by her and America’s by her.

Ms. Marvel’s journey along this cultural boundary is the heart of her early stories. Her interactions of her with members of her family and community of her lend her character authenticity and heart. Kamala’s pride for both who she is and where she’s from is a defining trait, highlighting her strength of character from her and the rich cultural heritage she gains it from.

7 She Values ​​Empathy Above All

One of the best aspects of Ms. Marvel’s character is her empathetic treatment of others. Although she often finds herself getting into fights, Ms. Marvel only does so to protect herself or the people she cares about. Even in cases where she’s had to fight for her life de ella, she has still found ways to end the conflict while minimizing harm.

A prime example of this is in Ms. Marvel’s fight against Stormranger in Magnificent Ms. Marvel Issue #19. During the battle, Kamala convinces her opponent not to throw her life away and rethink what she really wants. What makes Kamala compelling is the clear indication that she genuinely does n’t want to hurt anyone, including her foes from her.

6 She Has An Awesome Power Set

After being exposed to Terrigen Mist, Kamala’s Inhuman superpowers awakened. Taking a page from Reed Richards’ book, Ms. Marvel has the ability to stretch and morph her body into almost any shape. She typically makes use of this power by “embiggening” herself, as she calls it, but she can also do the opposite and shrink herself down, similar to Ant-Man.

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In addition to her morphogenic powers, Ms. Marvel can heal at an accelerated rate and can even alter her appearance to resemble other people or inanimate objects. Using her her wit and her creativity, Ms. Marvel can use these powers to outsmart her enemies over and over again.

5 She’s A Great Foil For Her Former Mentor

Due to the generational nature of the Ms. Marvel title, Kamala Khan formed a natural partnership with her previous counterpart, Carol Danvers. Carol embodied everything Kamala wanted to be, and their relationship provided much-needed guidance for the young heroine as she grew up as a superhero.

Even though Kamala idolized Captain Marvel, the pair found themselves on different sides of a conflict of ethics during the Civil War II storyline. In Ms Marvel Issue #11, Kamala pledged to protect the people of her city, even if it meant fighting her role model. As sad as it was to read their falling-out, the conflict revealed both Captain Marvel’s flawed ideals and the principled intentions of Ms. Marvel in contrast.

4 She’s An Inspiring Team Leader

Kamala Khan’s leadership skills made her an indispensable member of the Champions. Kamala’s words and actions of her proved to be highly influential, inspiring Scott Summers — aka Cyclops — to join the team. Ms. Marvel’s ideals of her continually depicted her as an inspirational figure. During a speech in Champions (Vol. 2) Issue #1, Kamala made it clear that she and her teammates were fighting for a better tomorrow, and that their fight would be won with wisdom and hope, not with retribution. Ms. Marvel’s altruism and optimism were at the center of her motivations. Her genuine concern for her teammates and her community made her one of Marvel’s most inspiring team leaders to date.

3 Her Villains Are Some Of Marvel’s Most Inventive Foes

Ms. Marvel’s adventures in the comics frequently pit her against interesting and offbeat enemies. Villains like the Inventor (a half-bird-half-clone replica of Thomas Edison) or Monopoly (a human corporate conglomerate) lend equal parts humor and danger to Kamala’s stories from her.

Ms. Marvel’s villains also create opportunities for her to display her resourcefulness in bizarre situations, such as her fight against the digital villain, Doc.X. Ms. Marvel’s villains tend to lean toward the strange side of things, but it’s the creativity and experimental nature of those characters that gives them their charm.

two Ms. Marvel Is A Strong Contender

No matter how strong her enemy is, Ms. Marvel never backs down. One of Kamala Khan’s most inspiring traits is her determination of her in the face of any obstacle. Due to her age de ella and relative lack of experience compared to older, more seasoned heroes, Ms. Marvel often finds herself facing enemies more powerful than she is.

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Despite being frequently outmatched, Kamala often finds clever ways to outsmart her enemies during a fight. Through her bravery and commitment to protecting others, Ms. Marvel is able to repeatedly defy the odds.

1 Ms. Marvel Is A Great Role Model

At their core, Ms. Marvel’s stories are about hope, determination, and courage. Kamala Khan’s trials, failures, and successes all combine to create an inspiring story for young readers. Her central message of wisdom and hope over retribution is something audiences of all ages can learn from.

Ms. Marvel comics present an optimistic view of the world, largely in contrast to the more cynical direction some superhero comics have taken on. Kamala Khan reminds readers that there’s power in everyone, and that anyone can use that power to do the right thing.

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