John Constantine: A Brief History Of DC Comics’ Bisexual Sorcerer

Some threats in the DC Comics universe can be vanquished with some simple punches or blasting energy beams, but all too often, problems of a magical variety pop up that can’t be dealt with using brawn or brains alone. Fortunately, there are a number of people you can call for precarious situations like this, including John Constantine. Created by Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, Steve Bissette, and John Totleben, Constantine debuted in the pages of 1985’s The Saga of Swamp Thingand after being a staple of DC’s Vertigo line of books, he’s been incorporated into the main DC canon for more than a decade now.

In addition to being a powerful sorcerer, the blonde, trench coat-wearing, chain-smoking John Constantine is also one of DC Comics’ most prominent LGBTQ+ characters, having been established as bisexual back in 1992. But there’s a lot more to delve into with Constantine not just in comics, but in other media too. We could spend hours, if not days talking about all things Constantine, but for those simply looking for a brief history of the character, we have you covered.

(Image credit: DC Comics)

John Constantine In Comics

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