Late-Round Quarterbacks to Target in Superflex Leagues (2022 Fantasy Football)

With Superflex leagues becoming all the rage in fantasy football, your quarterback strategy becomes more pertinent than ever before within fantasy. However, before diving deep into this article, let’s explain what Superflex leagues even mean, just in case you do not understand the term. A Superflex (SF) is when you have a FLEX fantasy football roster spot that would traditionally be filled by a running back, wide receiver, or tight end, but in the case of an SF league, it can be filled by a second quarterback instead .

Due to this being an option within the league, quarterbacks tend to come off the board quicker than in 1QB leagues. So how do we attack the quarterback position when drafting? Today, I am not here to teach you how to draft the early stud quarterbacks like Josh Allen, Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes. Instead, I am here to show you which late-round quarterbacks should be your targets within a Superflex league.

Justin Fields (QB17–CHI)

We start with a quarterback who won’t be drafted in the first few rounds of your draft. However, he won’t still be on the board by the end of your draft. So if you want Justin Fields, you’ll have to look for him after the first wave of quarterbacks come off the board. Right now on FantasyPros, Fields is 64th overall average draft position (ADP), going ahead of Tua Tagovailoa and Trevor Lawrence at his position from him.

Fields bring you a chance at the “Konami Code” I explained in my past “Must-Have Quarterbacks” article. With Fields bringing mobility to his fantasy football production, he can offer your team a safer floor of fantasy points each week. He will also play from behind with the Chicago Bears, who are projected to trail in most games this season, allowing for garbage time points from passing and rushing.

A perfect example of how that helps a quarterback in fantasy comes from last year with Jalen Hurts, who was able to rack up fantasy points towards the end of the game all season long. Jalen Hurts ended last year with 321 fantasy points and a ninth overall finish at the QB position. However, Hurts obtained this ninth overall finish with only 26 total touchdowns and 784 yards rushing. In his second season, Justin Fields has a chance for a positive touchdown regression (as he only totaled nine TDs last year). Combine that stat with an opportunity to double his rushing total from last year (420), and Fields could become a QB1 this season for a cheaper ADP than his fellow quarterbacks.

Daniel Jones (QB25 – NYG)

To find the ADP for Daniel Jones on FantasyPros, you have to head outside the top 100 options for SF and head down to 106 to see the starting QB for the New York Giants. This ADP makes him a perfect candidate for a late-round target to acquire for your fantasy team this season. My favorite reason for drafting Jones for your team is his season’s schedule.

Daniel Jones has the easiest schedule among his QBs. Before his bye in week 9, Jones will face four teams that were top 12 in fantasy points allowed to the quarterback position. Also, four of those defenses in the first eight games allowed top 12 passing yards against them in 2021. Finally, Jones’ playoff schedule for fantasy is the Washington Commanders, Minnesota Vikings and Indianapolis Colts, which rates four out of five stars on FantasyPros.

Jones also has a new coach in Brian Daboll, who helped mold Josh Allen into a successful dual-threat quarterback. He is also equipped with talented players such as Saqoun Barkley, Kenny Golladay, Kadarius Toney and others to move the ball down the field. At his ADP from him, the late-round dart throw is worth it to have an upside QB on your roster.

Marcus Mariota (QB29 – ATL)

Marcus Mariota enters this season with an ADP of 159. He has players surrounding him, such as:

  • Rob Gronkowski (still undecided about retirement)
  • Corey Davis (Multiple WRs with high draft capital above him on the depth chart)
  • Logan Thomas (coming off an ACL injury and still rehabbing)

With this in mind, why not take a shot at Mariota at this point in the draft? He provides the ability to be mobile, which allows you to follow the path of the “Konami code” from earlier. He has two giant-sized (6-foot-4 and taller) red zone targets with Drake London and Kyle Pitts. He has the Swiss Army knife of Cordarrelle Patterson, and he will be playing from behind most games as the Atlanta Falcons are projected to lose most of their games.

One of my favorite stats for Mariota is Matt Ryan’s rushing attempts within the red zone last season. Ryan inside the 15 had the eighth highest attempts rushing with 11 attempts. Ryan inside the 10 was sixth overall by a QB in the NFL with nine rushing attempts. With Mariota being more mobile than Ryan, plus the running back room being questionable, Mariota could take off more often than not and produce with his legs from him.

Mariota could be the perfect late-round QB2 or even your QB3 for your team that builds depth and gives you one of the final starters for an NFL team left in the draft.

Matt Corral (QB37 – CAR)

Matt Corral is the definition of a dart throw late-round quarterback. Unfortunately, he isn’t the starter for the Carolina Panthers. However, the faith has waivered in Sam Darnold, and if they start the season slowly, the Panthers could turn to the rookie QB to see what they have in their draft pick before the 2023 draft. The Panthers face the Cleveland Browns, New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers within the first seven weeks. These are not easy defenses to face as a quarterback and could lead to Matt Corral getting the starting role by Week 8.

This call on Matt Corral is an ultimate dart throw for a redraft SF league. He should not be considered your QB1/QB2 but a depth piece hoping he blossoms into a starter within the season.

In Superflex leagues, the quarterback position has more value in your overall team construction. Hitting these later-round QBs can be the difference between depth at a crucial position or watching other teams enjoy the fantasy playoffs. So make sure you walk away from your draft with one of these options to help bolster your roster.


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