Moon Knight Gives Steve Grant a New MCU-Accurate Purpose

Steven Grant has finally revealed himself in Marvel Comics’ current Moon Knight run and the hero keeps his usual personality.

Warning! Spoilers for Moon Knight #12 by Marvel Comics

Steven Grant has finally revealed himself in the current Moon Knight series from Marvel Comics, but for those wondering if the alter would have the same personality as his MCU counterpart, it seems the comics aren’t taking him in a drastically different direction. In Moon Knight #12, Grant shows up at the end of the issue after a particularly violent scene, where he admits he doesn’t like the “rough stuff” as much as Marc Spector and the “other fellows.”

In the comics, Marc Spector’s disassociate identity disorder gives him three distinct personalities. His primary identity of him is Spector, a former mercenary who is generally behind the steering wheel of his superhero persona Moon Knight. Meanwhile, Jake Lockley is a New York taxi driver who uses his street-level smarts and more violent means to accomplish what he needs. Lastly, Steven Grant is his wealthy playboy alter-ego, who helps fund Moon Knight and is the most confident version of the hero. All three personalities made their live-action debut in the MCU’s Moon Knightwhere Oscar Isaac portrayed them.


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In Moon Knight #12 by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit, Moon Knight finally gets the chance to take down Zodiac after the villain attacks the Midnight Mission. However, after stopping Reese from killing him in an act of revenge, Moon Knight tells her she can’t, as it “would make you just as bad as me.” The antihero begins choking out Zodiac, but before he can kill him, Moon Knight grabs his head and pleads to “let me finish him.” A voice calls out and tells Marc Spector if he murders him like this, he will lose Reese forever, as Steven Grant appears in the series for the first time.

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Until this point, Moon Knight’s Steven Grant personality hadn’t emerged in his current ongoing series at Marvel Comics, as readers only saw his superhero persona, Marc Spector, and Mr. Knight. Much like the past comics and MCU version of Grant, he is the least violent of the trio of personalities and stops Moon Knight from murdering Zodiac. Like the MCU version, he seems to be Marc’s conscious when it comes to murder. Grant immediately admits to not liking the “rough stuff” as much as his other personalities as his intervention stops the bloodshed.

It was only a matter of time before Steven (and eventually Jake Lockley) appeared in the newest Moon Knight run, especially considering how much of an important role the personality recently had in the live-action MCU series. Still, seeing Steven return shows the comic is about to finally show the different sides of Marc Spector, including his least-violent personality. It’s a nice, welcome surprise to see Steven Grant return as he should strike an exciting balance between his other personalities. Moon Knight #12 by Marvel Comics is in stores now.

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