Seinfeld: 10 Best George Quotes About Dating & Love

A recent article on Looper shared that when Jason Alexander’s Seinfeld character George Costanza didn’t appear in the episode “The Pen,” Alexander thought about leaving the sitcom. Fans are definitely relieved that it didn’t happen as George is one of the staples of the show along with Jerry Seinfeld, Elaine Benes, and Cosmo Kramer.

In most episodes, George has some hilarious and clever quotes that showcase his unique and quirky approach to romantic relationships. It’s always humorous hearing what George has to say as he makes mistakes and tries to move forward.


10 George Shares His Feelings With His Girlfriend

“I just gotta say it once. Everybody else gets to say it. Why can’t I say it?”

Jason Alexander as George in Seinfeld The Beard

George feels ready to tell Siena that he loves her in the season 6 episode “The Face Painter.” When he tells Jerry and Elaine that he plans to say those three little words, Jerry asks if she will say it back and George says that there’s a 50/50 chance.

George’s words are hilarious and uniquely him, as he feels envious that other couples are able to share their feelings for each other. George admits that he hasn’t ever told anyone that he was in love with them before and that he feels that he should have this common and relatable experience.

9 George Feels Miserable About His Love Life

“Why can’t I just walk up to a woman on the street and say ‘Hi, I’m George.’ Is that so terrible?

SeinfeldGeorge Cynthia

In the season 3 episode “The Fix-Up,” George goes on a date with Elaine’s pal Cynthia, and after the two sleep together, they don’t want Elaine and Jerry to know. Before the awkward date, George and Jerry go out for dinner and George shares his frustration that he has so much trouble meeting people and finding love.

George has many girlfriends on Seinfeld, and while he and Cynthia don’t stay together, it’s still funny hearing George lament how tough it can be to meet other people. George’s comment is relatable, as especially with the popularity of dating apps, people wish that they could talk to others and start a relationship more organically.

8 George Is Upset That He’s In A Relationship

“The first time in my life I have a good answer to the question ‘What do you do?’ and I have a girlfriend.”

George Costanza talking on the phone — Seinfeld

In season 4, George is in a tricky position that is stressing him off. While he’s in a serious relationship with Susan Ross, he’s upset that he can’t date around, as he wants to be able to brag about having co-written a TV pilot that was picked up.

It’s hilarious watching George explain to Jerry that he should be able to flirt with people and explain that he has a cool and creative career. Most of the time, George wishes that he was not single, but when he’s finally seeing someone, he wishes that he was on his own. George often feels so badly about himself and is so self-deprecating that he’s finally able to see himself in a more positive light.

7 George Tries To Split Up With Maura

“We have to break up… We’re not?”

In the season 9 episode “The Strongbox,” George tells his girlfriend Maura that he wants to end the relationship, and she responds, “We’re not.” George is understandably surprised but accepts her answer from her.

George often has two sides to him, as he can be confident and full of courage when talking to Jerry. But when dealing with his romantic partners, he can be nervous and easily influenced. This is a perfect example of George not listening to his own heart and going along with what someone else says. It’s often a disaster.

6 George Is Scared To Get Married

“Nothing can stop it now. Nothing. It’s here. It’s happening. Can I do this? I can’t do this. Look at me.”

Susan and George’s Seinfeld relationship is a source of stress, fear and unhappiness for George, who seems to regret proposing the moment that he does. When the invitations are being sent out, George shares his sense of terror with Jerry, who suggests calling off the wedding. George explains that it seems like it would be better to be miserable than to create a “scene” and tell Susan how he’s really feeling.

While George is having a tough time, his delivery and tone make this a hilarious scene, as he feels trapped and is unsure if he will be happy if he gets married. While other sitcom characters might simply explain that they don’t want to get married, George goes one step further and intensely explains how nervous he is.

5 George Tells Susan It’s Okay They Have Nothing In Common

“She didn’t know about pasteurization. He didn’t know about fumigation. But they made it work!”

Seinfeld Susan George wedding invitations

George becomes distracted in the season 4 episode “The Pick” and tells Susan that they should get back together. When she says that they don’t have any common interests, he says that Louis Pasteur and his wife didn’t, either, but they were able to make their relationship last.

George is definitely struggling to find a way to convince Susan that they’re meant to be together, and his story about pasteurization doesn’t really make any sense. However, Susan believes it, which shows how charming and endearing George can be.

4 George Misunderstands What Coffee Means

“Oh no thanks. I can’t drink coffee late at night. It keeps me up.”

Seinfeld-The Phone Message

the Seinfeld characters go on many bad first dates, and in the season 2 episode “The Phone Message,” George makes a mistake when his date Carol asks him to come up to her apartment for a cup of coffee. George hilariously assumes she is really talking about the hot beverage and says he won’t be able to sleep.

Much of George and Jerry’s conversations about trying to understand the complexities of dating and the people who they are seeing, which makes George’s misunderstanding even funnier and more impactful. George kicks himself later on and feels silly for not realizing that his date of her was sharing that she liked him and wanted to spend more time with him in an intimate way.

3 George Calls His Parents After Proposing To Susan

“What difference does it make what she looks like?”

George and Susan’s engagement is a thrilling moment for George, at least until he realizes that he is scared of such a big commitment. Before he starts worrying, though, George calls his parents about him and becomes upset when his mom asks if Susan is beautiful.

It’s always funny watching George and Estelle fight, and it’s particularly funny and sweet hearing George tell his mom that appearances don’t matter. George is thoughtful and smart here as he’s right that Estelle’s question is the wrong thing to say.

two George Doesn’t Know How To Talk To Karen

“Do you feel the way you feel after the risotto?”

When George is nervous about his performance in bed with Karen, he asks her if she’s happy with their sex life by comparing it to the risotto that she just ordered at dinner. Right away, it’s clear that George is going about this in an awkward way, especially since Karen responds, “No, I feel full.”

George’s Seinfeld Girlfriends are often upset with his awkward personality and lack of nuance, and George offends Karen when he thinks that she was faking it. George’s question about the risotto is one of his funniest and quirkiest dating comments as it proves that he is never sure about how to talk to people who he’s in a relationship with.

1 George Finds The Perfect Wedding Date

“I got the day. March 21st. The first day of spring.”

George and Susan enjoy a nice lunch at Monk's café in Seinfeld.

Since George doesn’t want to marry Susan, but he’s afraid of upsetting her and her family, he tells Jerry that March 21st would be a better time to tie the knot than the planned December wedding date. Jerry hilariously agrees that this would be great, which proves that Jerry can be just as immature as George when it comes to matters of the heart.

It’s just like George to convince himself that if he can buy himself some time, he will become more comfortable with the idea of ​​marriage. George has a unique way of becoming upset about a situation and working through different potential scenarios and then truly believing that he has found a solution.

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