Who Are The Djinn In The Marvel Comics?

Until Episode 3 of Ms. Marvel, the show had been a happy-go-lucky story of a teenage girl who gets hold of immense superpowers. Kamala got her abilities from her by chance while opening the box sent by her grandmother from her, and ever since then she has been using her abilities to save others and become just like her idols from her, The Avengers. But a superhero’s path to reach great heights has never been easy, has it?

As expected, the villains of the series have arrived, and their leader is none other than Kamran’s mother, Najma. After Kamala visits Kamran’s home de ella to pay a visit to her mother de ella, Najma tells her the complete history behind the bangle. Upon being asked about her true identity of her, Najma refers to herself and her mates of her as the Djinn. Well, these so-called Djinn exist in the Marvel comics, and there’s a lot more to them than told in the show.


Despite being truly powerful, the Djinn are sometimes known to serve under their master’s command. It is unclear how the Djinn came to existence, but they are mostly believed to be beings from other planets or realms. On the other hand, some believe that Lilith, also known as the Vampire Goddess, gave birth to them.

Different Djinn have different mystical powers, and some are stronger than others. Where some of them live freely and do as they see fit, others are bound to objects like books and lamps. The person who summons the Djinn is granted a wish. In the Marvel comics, the Djinn don’t seem to have any enemies in particular, but they sometimes feel peeved at the humans for their short-sightedness.

Magic is the main power of the Djinn but, as told before, they all have different types of magical powers. Immortality is one of their great strengths, while their biggest known weakness is the inability to bear low temperature as it changes their body type. That’s the reason why all the ancient Djinn races perished.

Types Of Djinn in Marvel Comics

In the Marvel comics, there’s a huge list of different types of Djinn, some of which even encountered Spider-Man, X-Man, Black Panther, and Thor.

1. Jinni Devil

Jinni Devil was the last of his kind, and Mogul of the Mystic Mountain enslaved him. Thor defeated Mogul, who attacked him with an army of monsters, including Jinni Devil.


She is a female Djinn, married to a man named Adam Destine. She saved him from death, after which Adam fell in love with her.

3. Fahd Alireza

Fahd went to Japan to take revenge on Matsu’o Tsurayaba, but Psylocke is able to convince him to return. In Saudi Arabia, Cytttorak convinces him to fight X-Man.

4. Al-Shalyar

After Shalizar denied giving the transformation magic to Mr. Lao, the latter killed him with dragon fire. But before dying, Shalizar tricked him and trapped him in a lamp, after which he had to stay there for six centuries.

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5. Djinn Unleashed

This mysterious Djinn is shown in the Strange Academy, where the Ancient One is giving lectures to his students. He releases the Djinn and asks his students to put him back in the lamp without using magic.

6. Ozarr, The Great

Ozarr has been living in the lamp that has been with Homer’s family for centuries. He appeared before Homer and his wife Bertha, granting her three wishes from her.

7. Sai-Sai

He’s the youngest of his kind and wields the power to shapeshift. Sai-Sai threatened to kill Bast, but after Black Panther gave him what he wanted, he guided him on the way to save Bast’s life.

8. The Collected

This one looks the creepiest, doesn’t he? Collector summoned The Collected to bring him Spider-Man and the Alpha Flight member, Marrina, but they somehow managed to escape this multi-headed monstrosity.

9. Unnamed Djinn

The name of this one is not known, but he happened to appear when a man named Davey came near a tomb where he lived. The Djinn granted him several wishes, out of which one resulted in the near destruction of the planet. Everything was put back to normal later.

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