Archie Comics Debuts Amber Nightstone, Sabrina’s New Witch Rival (Exclusive)

Archie Comics Debuts Amber Nightstone, Sabrina’s New Witch Rival (Exclusive)

For decades, Archie Andrews has butted heads with his classmate and arch-rival, Reggie Mantle. This September, Archie Comics celebrates Sabrina Spellman’s 60th anniversary by giving the Teenage Witch a new, magical teen rival of her very own — only this new witch’s plans for Sabrina are a bit more extreme than Reggie’s pranks on Archie.

CBR can exclusively reveal that September’s Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1 will mark the debut of Amber Nightstone, an “evil witch born at exactly the same time as Sabrina.” But here’s the thing: “Only one witch born that day may live amongst mortals, and Amber wants her turn from her, so she has to erase Sabrina from history!”

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Written and illustrated by Dan Parent with colors by Glenn Whitmore and letters by Jack Morelli, Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1 is set to arrive in comic shops on Wednesday, Sept. 7. The issue features a cover by Parent, who homages Dan DeCarlo’s cover art from 1971’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1. In addition to the cover, Archie Comics has provided CBR with Parent’s development art for Amber.


We couldn’t possibly enter spooky season without celebrating Sabrina as much as possible! And we’re kicking off this spectacular with a BRAND NEW Sabrina story that we guarantee will be the greatest Sabrina Halloween story ever! In “Celebration Vexation!” It’s Sabrina’s birthday de ella and she’s celebrating her de ella day de ella —with an epic battle against her de ella nemesis de ella, a BRAND NEW character named AMBER NIGHTSTONE! Amber is an evil witch born at exactly the same time as Sabrina. Only one witch born that day may live amongst mortals, and Amber wants her turn from her, so she has to erase Sabrina from history! All that plus a collection of classic-style spell-binding stories!

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Dan Parent

Colours: Glenn Whitmore

Letters: Jack Morelli

Cover: Dan Parent

On Sale Date: 9/7

32-page, full color comic


“Believe it or not, in Sabrina’s 60-year history, she’s never had a true nemesis,” Parent said. “Sure, she’s had her adversaries in the past, but Amber Nightstone is basically the evil version of Sabrina. And Amber is tired of being cast aside and wants her time in the limelight. So now, as Sabrina turns 60, we enter a whole new realm of fun!”

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“I started referring to her as ‘Dark Sabrina,’ and that’s where the thinking was originally,” added Archie Comics Editor-In-Chief Mike Pellerito. “Sabrina has a great cast of characters in the comics but didn’t have a teen rival until now. That’s how I think of the cast of characters: Is there a way to challenge something established? Do we need someone who can do something different and give us some fun story points?

“After discussing some ideas for Amber with Vin Lovallo, our Art Director, he came up with the early look, and Dan refined it,” Pellerito continued. “The original idea was that her facial features, especially her eyes, should be based on the more dangerous-looking first appearance of Sabrina in MADHOUSE #22. I wanted to avoid her looking similar to Della, the head witch. Dan and I have an excellent way of going back and forth; he knows what works as well as anyone. Having Dan Parent on this kind of thing is great; he’s a (not so) secret weapon!”

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Created by George Gladir and the aforementioned DeCarlo, Sabrina Spellman first appeared in Archie’s Mad House #22, cover-dated October 1962. Sabrina continued to appear in various Archie titles before finally getting her own, eponymous comic book series, Sabrina the Teenage Witchin 1971. The character has also been adapted into live-action, being played by Melissa Joan Hart in the sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch from 1996 to 2003 and by Kiernan Shipka in the horror drama Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (based on the 2014 comic of the same name) from 2018 to 2020.

Written and illustrated by Dan Parent, colored by Glenn Whitmore and lettered by Jack Morelli, Sabrina Anniversary Spectacular #1 goes on sale Sept. 7 from Archie Comics.

Source: Archie Comics

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