Best summer books of 2022: Science fiction

by Edward Ashton, Solari £16.99

The colonization of frozen planet Niflheim relies in large part on Expendables—people willing to have their consciousness transferred from one cloned body to another as necessary. Unhappily, a slip-up means that two versions of the titular Mickey now have to coexist. Ashton’s darkly comic debut shimmers with inventiveness.

by J. O. Morgan, Jonathan Cape £16.99

elliptical yet precise, appliances considers how new technology — in this case a device that can transmit matter — has a transformative power on ordinary lives, and not always for the better. Comprising a series of discrete vignettes, the novel is a serious-minded examination of the instinctive human ambivalence towards innovation.

The Kaiju Preservation Society
by John Scalzi, Tor £16.99

Well-meaning people strive to prevent incursions by rampaging, skyscraper-sized leviathans from a parallel Earth on to ours. Their efforts do not always succeed, particularly when there are evil corporate shenanigans afoot. Scalzi delivers a dose of sheer, shameless SF escapism that monster-loving nerds should take to their hearts.

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Braking Day
by Adam Oyebanji, Jo Fletcher Books £16.99

Generation-starship Archimedes is nearing the end of its century-long voyage, about to reach the colonisable planet that is its destination. All is not quite going according to plan, however, as engineer protagonist Ravinder discovers in a story that celebrates human accomplishment and the value of collaboration in a pleasingly un-preachy manner.

All The White Spaces
by Ally Wilkes, TitanBooks £8.99

It’s 1920, and British explorers stranded in Antarctica struggle to survive, even as they are hounded by malevolent ghosts. Ambitiously, the novel collective blends national postwar trauma with transgender issues, toxic masculinity, and personal grief. The frozen polar wastes are a blank page where lives may be rewritten.

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