Connect Fiction Prizes ‘The Last Wolf,’ ‘Status Quo,’ ‘Invisible Ink’

Portugal’s “The Last Wolf,” Lebanon’s “Status Quo” and Uruguay’s “The Invisible Ink” proved big winners at the 6th Conecta Fiction & Entertainment, which will wrap Friday in Toledo, Spain.

A potential part of a burgeoning production axis between Spain and Portugal, “The Last Wolf” won the largest prize of the night, a development deal at Spanish public broadcaster RTVE, worth an estimated €50,000 ($52,500) and a virtual invitation to set the project up as a co-production with Spain.

The prize is a sign of the times. Battling financial straights, RTVE is turning to co-production or license deals – with its peers in Europe (Germany’s ZDF Studios on Simon West Magellan epic “Boundless”) or go-ahead and more flexible US companies (VIS and Amazon’s Prime Video on “ Parot”).

Co-produced by SPi and Cascais-based Caracol Protagonista, two of Portugal’s most international production houses, “The Last Wolf” has a narco edge – telling the true story of Franklim Lobo, one of the greatest European drug lords – but looks relatable enough to not alienate mature audiences attracted by a state TV network.

Spanish series have normally dominated Conecta Fiction awards as local companies prized local titles. no more Spreading far broader its largesse, CF&E prized two buzzed-up series: Conecta Fiction’s first Arab project, “Status Quo,” a Lebanese teen action drama involving three young female classmates from first-time director Gilbert Karam; and “From 6 to 8 PM,” an erotic dramedy from “Gomorrah” and “My Brilliant Friend” producer Fandango, written by the latter’s scribe, Francesco Piccoli.

Two other titles won double at CF&E: “The Invisible Ink” from renowned Uruguayan film producer Fernando Epstein (“Whisky,” ”Gigante),” who confessed on stage when accepting his award that CF&E was the first TV event he had ever attended; and “A Wicked Life,” a 1901 Madrid story which, winning screenwriter Leire Albinarrate told Variety“pushes the boundaries of period dramas, focusing on the untold perspectives of outcast, queer and disabled characters with a fresh take that juggles drama, crime and humor.”

One of the warmest applauses of the night at Thursday’s prize ceremony went to the prize recipients of the Ukrainian series project “Alchevsky’s Mystery,” about the mysterious death of banker and pioneering Ukrainian patriot Alexey Alchevsky.

“We’ve been through what you’re suffering,” “Status Quo” director Karam told them several prizes later. “Art can help you pull through.”

2022 Connect Fiction & Entertainment Prize Winners:

RTVE Award

Consisting of a project development contract:

“The Last Wolf,”(SPi, Caracol Studios, Portugal)

Vis Storytellers Award

€10,000 ($10,500) for the best pitch

“Status quo” (Né a Beyrouth Films, Lebanon)

Castilla-La Mancha Media Award

The recording of a promotional clip of the project and its promotion on Castilla La-Mancha TV

“The Most Spectacular Robberies,” (Mixed Zone, Spain)

Chord Awards

Licenses for two projects to use its music library for their first season:

“Flos Mar**E: Fake Or Not,” (CTV, Spain)

and “The Last Wolf”

Spain Film Commission Award

€1,000 ($1,050) for the project that best showcases Spanish locations

“The Detour,” (iZen, Spain)

Soul Award

Recognition of the best Pitch Clip by the Alma screenwriters’ guild

“A Wicked Life,” (Leire Albinarrate, Spain)

Triodos Bank Award

€3,000 ($3,150) to the pitch clip that best represents the value of creativity in development promoted by Triodos Bank

“A Wicked Life”

BAM Bogota Award

An invitation to pitch at BAM Bogotá:

The Invisible Ink,” (Mutante Cine, Uruguay)

TV Drama Vision Award

Invitation to pitch at Göteborg Film Festival’s TV Drama Vision

“AIchevsky’s Mystery,” (LLC Ideas Bank, Ukraine)

Wawa Award

Membership and pitch at WBF:

From 6 To 8 pm,” (Fandango, Italy)

Sanfic Industry Award

A fast track for the Sanfic Industria Series Lab

“The Invisible Ink”

La Mancha Wines Award

Weight of the winner in wine

The Most Spectacular Robberies,” (Mixed Zone, Spain)

Coca-Cola Award

Winner’s stature in Coca-Cola

Who Is My Human? (Mediacrest Entertainment, Spain)

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