Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Jane Foster’s Comics Accurate Mighty Thor and Valkyrie Looks

Marvel’s Avengers Reveals Jane Foster’s Comics Accurate Mighty Thor and Valkyrie Looks

A day since the official announcement for Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor arrival in the game, Marvel’s Avengers unveiled a first look at the hero in-game.

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Marvel’s Avengers has unveiled the first look at Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor in the game.

Following the thrilling first trailer for Mighty Thor’s entrance to Marvel’s Avengers, developer Crystal Dynamics revealed the first look at the hero as she’ll appear in the game. Her main outfit de ella is considerably different from the comics, though that appears fitting since her arrival de ella marks the first case of the multiverse in Marvel’s Avengers. However, her comic’s accurate costume de ella will also make an appearance, as the team also showcased concept art for three alternate skins for Jane Foster’s Goddess of Thunder on a blog posted on the parent company Square Enix’s website.

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In the blog, Jeff Adams, Art Director for Marvel’s Avengers, explained the concept behind Mighty Thor’s primary look. “Although she’s from another dimension, Jane is adorned in true Asgardian finery,” he said. “Eagle eyed fans will notice the connective tissue between this Jane look and our Iconic Odinson, which is 100% by design. But where Odinson’s look is regal, Jane’s is designed to be fiercer and warrior-like. Her aggressively-shaped winged mask, a departure from past versions of her comics look, is instantly evocative of her core DNA.”

Other outfits include Marvel’s Avengers‘ “Faithful reinterpretation of her instant-classic design from Thor #1 (2014),” which features traditional Norse details and several embellishments. The team also revealed a Valkyrie outfit, taking inspiration from the comics in which Jane eventually becomes a member of the powerful Asgardian female warriors of legend. Coming as something of a surprise, the team also unveiled a costumed based on 1977’s What If? #10 called the Thordis Outfit. in this What If? entry, Jane, rather than Donald Blake, lifts Mjolnir and gains Thor’s power.

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Marvel’s Avengers announced Young Justice and Lucifer actor Zehra Fazal as the voice of Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor alongside the trailer reveal. Fazal later posted an image to her Ella Twitter account celebrating the occasion while posing with a tiny Mjolnir and a playfully fierce expression. “I’M THE GODDESS OF THUNDER!!! What a day!! My head is still spinning. Thanks for all the love on here, folks!!” she said, followed by heart, hammer and thunder emojis.

Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor will appear as part of Patch 2.5 on June 28. Marvel’s Avengers is available now to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Twitter, Square Enix

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