Scripting for animation series is different, you have to push your imagination, says Motu Patlu writer Niraj Vikram

The animation industry in India has witnessed a considerable amount of growth in the last few years, especially the cartoon series. Some of the most popular animated cartoon series like Motu Patlu, Dabangg, and Gattu Battu have dominated the cartoon industry and notably, this industry has become the best medium of creative expression these days. Content preferences among children have changed over the years.

While live-action television shows ruling the Indian entertainment industry for a long time, these animated series created a strong impression in recent years. The influence of animation is growing every day in India. But animating shows does not only mean good illustrations but also a captivating story and close attention to details.

We always chase people who are on camera but the real heroes are actually those who are behind the camera, who infatuate the viewers with their writing. And one such person is Niraj Vikram, the man behind the stories of India’s most popular animated show Motu Patlu, who works round the clock to connect with the kids to bring the best each time.

Niraj Vikram talked with APN News and shared how working in the animation industry is kinda different than scripting for live-action shows.

Motu Patlu was already a popular franchise of Lotpot Comics and when we asked him how he felt when he was approached for this show, he said “I was really excited to write for Motu Patlu. Lotpot Comics is one of our favorite comics and we’ve grown up reading it. So, when I was approached for Motu Patlu, I was thrilled and ecstatic.”

Talking about the responsibility to maintain characters’ legacy, he said, “It’s very important to create the show without retouching the characters. Initially and even now I feel it’s a big responsibility as most of us have already read the comic and we feel connected to the characters. So, the first thing I keep in mind while writing for this show, is the characters’ style, habits and patterns.”

Niraj Vikram has also scripted for Shararat and Son Pari

Before scripting for Motu Patlu, Niraj Vikram had already scripted for big shows like Shararat, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, and Son Pari, and when we asked him how difficult it was for him to shift from live-action shows to animation shows, he said, “Animation isn’t monotonous like live-action shows. You can stretch the animation to any level whereas in live-action shows it is a bit difficult to show your creativity as you have to write it according to the storyline. For me, it wasn’t really difficult as I always wanted to be in animation because it pushes your imagination”, he added.

One must write a motion script in accordance with the target audience, and a motion script writer requires a great deal of skill and dedication. Talking about this, he said, “There have been times when I write a certain script but it doesn’t turn out the same way I wanted it. I feel bad sometimes, but I don’t lose hope as I know that shows need to undergo certain production levels and there’s a limited-time delivery.

Niraj Vikram’s views on Agnipath recruitment scheme

Niraj Vikram has also served in the Indian army for five years before entering the world of entertainment. We also asked him about the ongoing protests related to the Agnipath recruitment scheme, he said, “Government must have made the scheme after listing down its pros and cons. Instead of protesting, students need to give it a try. As the government has already said that if you don’t like the scheme, don’t join it. But I feel implementation is a must.”

Motu Patlu’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds

Talking about the achievements he is most proud of, he said “Having Motu Patlu’s wax statues at Madame Tussauds, New Delhi is literally the proudest moment as they are the first Indian animated character to have it installed at the wax museum. Other than this, Motu Patlu is completing its 10 years in October and has successfully completed 1,000 episodes.” He has also won the Best Writers Award in the Kids Choice Award in 2015 organized by Viacom 18.

Niraj is currently writing for Motu Patlu. He has 2-3 projects lined up including Pandavas for Pogo.

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