David Jason to publish Christmas-themed memoir

Friday 24th June 2022, 1:02pm

The Story Of…Only Fools & Horses. David Jason. Copyright: North One Television

Sir David Jason’s fourth volume of memoirs will be published in October 2022, Century has announced.

Told with characteristic warmth and humour, in The Twelve Dels Of Christmas Sir David will revisit Christmases past from his life and career to examine his own special relationship with the festive season.

They explain: “David Jason reflects on the eighteen beloved Only Fools And Horses Christmas specials, including iconic episodes that introduced fans to Peckham Spring mineral water and the world’s least likely Batman and Robin. The 1996 special Time On Our Hands was seen live by over 24 million viewers and remains to this day the UK’s most-watched comedy show of all time, re-watched by families together every Christmas.

“The book is also full of the latest hilarious stories from the frontline of David Jason’s life, from planting bulbs in his garden to visiting Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s Jubilee and meeting fellow dashing screen actor Tom Cruise.”

Sir David Jason says: “Writing my books and sharing my life with the great British public has been an enormous privilege, and I have been overwhelmed by readers’ support and kindness. Think of my new memoir as a Christmas special in book form, but in Only Fools mode, in the sense that the stories are always heading outwards, ranging far and wide and well beyond the traditional festive gags involving giblets left in turkeys.

“Above all, I hope we’ll have some laughs together in this post-pandemic world. To quote the great Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol: ‘While there is infection in disease and sorrow, there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good-humour.’ To which I can only say: good point, Dicko, me old son, and well made.”

Publisher Ben Brusey says: “Sir David Jason’s career as an author is extraordinary: three consecutive No. 1 Sunday Times Bestsellers and over 1 million copies sold. Readers simply adore David’s warm and hilarious books. The Twelve Dels Of Christmas is David’s funniest and most life-affirming memoir yet. Like the beloved Only Fools And Horses Christmas specials, this book is an instant classic and I know will delight readers for years to come. David Jason will be reading his audiobook for the first time, which is an extra Christmas treat.

David Jason – The Twelve Dels Of Christmas: My Festive Tales From Life And Only Fools

What is it about me and Christmas?

Amazingly, there are eighteen Only Fools And Horses Christmas specials. It is at Christmas that Raquel moves in with Del, that Peckham Spring mineral water is first marketed, that the world’s least likely Batman and Robin duo emerge on a foggy street.

Think of this memoir, then, as a Christmas special in book form, from someone who has been involved in a few of those and understands a bit about the concept. But a Christmas special very much like Only Fools And Horses, in the sense that the stories will be always heading outwards, ranging far and wide and well beyond the traditional festive gags involving giblets left in turkeys.

As I sift through various festive-related episodes in my career, loosening the ribbons, parting the wrapping paper, I’ll be doing my best to reach any relevant conclusions about life, work and the meaning of it all that I can usefully pass on to you – baubles of wisdom if you like. Or certainly baubles. You’ll learn why I have the perfect face to play Scrooge. And if you’re lucky I’ll also share what it’s like to fly in the helicopter of my old mucker Tom Cruise. Merry Christmas, you plonkers.

First released: Thursday 13th October 2022

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  • Publisher: Century
  • Pages: 320
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