‘Marcel the Shell’ writer, from Vermont, talks about film script

Nick Paley faced a quandary. How could he help write a script based on the wildly-popular short-film series “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” and make it into a feature-length movie without sacrificing the tone and quality of the originals?

“It’s such a gigantic pressure to check all the boxes of what you want the movie to feel like and how you achieve that,” said Paley, who grew up in Huntington. “You could run away from yourself and your taste in order to satisfy some sense of what a ‘movie,’ quote-unquote, should be.”

He and his co-writers solved that problem by taking the fantastical story of an inch-high talking shell and infusing it with real life.

“It sounds so corny, but the things that are in the movie are things that we love and think about a lot and were thinking about a lot when we made it,” said Paley, who wrote the movie with “Marcel” creators Dean Fleischer -Camp and Jenny Slate and producer Elisabeth Holm.

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