Sasha Banks sports another new look alongside former WWE Superstar

Based on numerous rumors, it seems like Sasha Banks is on her way out of WWE following her and Naomi’s walkout during an episode of Monday Night RAW last month. Amid the drama and speculation, she has kept herself quite busy. The six-time women’s champion was recently part of a photoshoot where she sported another new look.

During her ongoing WWE suspension, Banks had PRK eye surgery last week. In the picture posted by the facility, The Legit Boss had what seemed to be her natural hair de ella, a radical change from her blue locks on television. Around a week later, she was pictured with black hair.

Banks took part in a photoshoot for Premier Kanndela Labs – a CBD brand launched by former WWE Superstar Kalisto (aka Samuray Del Sol). She brought her dog from her, Ryu, along with her. The former United States Champion’s wife, Abigail, was also part of the photoshoot, as was photographer Quay Hu.

It took place at Qreate Coffee + Studio, with the studio’s Instagram handle posting an image from the photoshoot as its story. Below is a screengrab of it, while you can also directly view it here within 24 hours.

Qreate Coffee's Instagram story, featuring Sasha Banks.

whenever wwe or faithful confirms sasha’s release, i just want to say whatever sasha/mercedes does next, i will always 100% support her no matter what ❤️

However, as of the start of the week, Banks was reportedly still listed on the company’s internal roster. It remains to be seen what happens next in this saga. Meanwhile, there haven’t been many updates on Naomi’s status in the past few days.

Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest updates regarding the former Women’s Tag Team Champion!

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