10 Best Manipulators In DC Comics

Some of DC’s most powerful heroes and villains accomplish fantastic feats without using superhuman strength. These heroes and villains are known for using their mental talents, whether those be superpowered or otherwise, to manipulate their foes — often completely taking control of them.

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Some of these manipulative characters persuade others with a mere thought, others employ special gases or chemicals. For others, it simply comes down to being the smoothest person in the room. Not all of them use their talents in an underhanded manner, but they don’t have a problem using their skills when the chips are down. Putting their foes’ minds through the wringer, they ensure victory for their side.

10 Phobia Manipulates Fear In Her Victims

As her name implies, Phobia’s talent revolves around fear. Her mental powers make her capable of turning people’s greatest fears against them. Twisting people’s fears in a powerful illusion, Phobia herds her victims into doing anything she wants them to do.

Phobia’s fear-based talent was limited, but it did come in handy. Her powers de ella provided a valuable asset during her time de ella with the Brotherhood of Evil, the Injustice League Unlimited, and the Secret Society of Supervillains. Only the most powerful minds were capable of resisting her.

9 Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin Is A Powerful Psychoactive Agent

Scarecrow became obsessed with fear and its effect on the psyche. Wanting to study it more, he created his fear toxin — a weaponized gas that preys on the fears of those it infects and causes them to have wild and violent hallucinations. This might seem like a pretty poor method of manipulation, but Scarecrow’s use of the fear toxin poses as much a threat as anything else.

Scarecrow’s schemes often revolve around threatening to infect large portions of a population with his fear toxin, causing an unprecedented wave of death and destruction by the infected. Taking entire cities hostage, Scarecrow uses his toxin to manipulate the authorities into giving him what he wants.

8 The Medusa Mask Allows Psycho-Pirate To Control Emotions

The Psycho-Pirate had an interesting journey through the post-Crisis DC Universe. An Earth-2 villain, he was first chosen by the Monitor to fight the Anti-Monitor but then joined with the villain and used the emotion altering powers of the Medusa Mask on a planetary scale. Since then, Psycho-Pirate was one of the few who remembered the old Multiverse and could use the mask to manifest elements from it.

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Psycho-Pirate’s Medusa Mask is still great for its original use as well. With it, he can control anyone he needs to, altering their emotions to whichever one suits his plans. Psycho-Pirate is nearly impossible to resist him, making him an extremely dangerous foe.

7 The Joker Is An Expert At Making People Do What He Wants

The Joker has made multiple attacks on Gotham City and has a monstrous reputation. Somehow, Joker still gets henchmen to work with him, and he’s been able to manipulate more than one person into completely trusting him — with Harley Quinn being a famous example. The Joker has a magnetic personality, which is only part of how he manipulates people.

Joker has a knack for discovering exactly what buttons to press, finding the right piece of leverage, to take control of others. He worms his way in and by the time he’s done, his victims of him will do anything he says no matter what he does to them. Whether through abusing, degrading, or rewarding someone, Joker knows how to get his way from him.

6 Lex Luthor Has Gamed The System For Years

Lex Luthor has spent years amassing power and building wealth, expanding LexCorp into a powerful corporation. This has taken lots of manipulation, something Lex is an expert at. Even with everything he’s done, there are many in Metropolis who think Luthor is a good man and unfairly targeted by the superheroes.

Lex Luthor knows how to keep the ugly parts of himself hidden and only show the parts he wants the world to see. His charm of him makes its easy for everyone to like him and follow the tune he’s playing.

5 Psimon’s Telepathy Is Extremely Powerful

Psimon has been battling the Teen Titans for years, alongside the Fearsome Five. His telepathic power from him combines with a ruthlessness that’s almost unmatched. Psimon has no problem taking direct control of others’ minds. He’s even known for playing his teammates against each other, using more conventional methods of manipulation.

For Psimon, manipulation is second nature. A proficient telepath, he’s grown accustomed to manipulating everyone around him in some way. His powers have helped him puppeteer characters who thought they had solid mental defenses. In the end, Psimon controls more than many realize.

4 Bishop Can Control Many Minds At Once

Once the Angel of God’s Wrath, Eclipso was cast out for enjoying his job and imprisoned in the Heart of Darkness diamond. He’d eventually find a way to take over hosts — notably Bruce Gordon, Jean Loring, and Maxwell Lord — and attack humanity, using his great power to indulge his monstrous tendencies.

One of the many powers Eclipso has is the power to take control of people. He’s been known to sink his hooks into massive crowds and use them as cannon fodder. When Eclipso sets his sights on someone and takes over, they lose all will of their own.

3 Despero’s Telepathic Talents Are Nearly Without Peer

The first time Despero battled the Justice League, he used his mental prowess to battle them, his mastery of strategy bolstered by his telepathic powers. Since then, Despero has gained physical power to match his mental might from him, using both to battle the League and any other hero in his way from him.

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Despero’s telepathy is very powerful, allowing him to mentally vie with the most powerful minds out there. He does n’t use his manipulation skills from him as much as he used to, but he’s very good at it when he needs to be. Once, he even manages to fool everyone into thinking he’s Lex Luthor.

two Raven Has Amazing Mental Powers

Raven’s extreme power level made her a target for her father Trigon. At the height of her power from her, Raven could destroy entire planets and alter reality. Even when she could n’t access all her power from her, she still mental abilities at her disposal from her. Raven could sense the emotions and thoughts of those around her, and she was known to use such knowledge against her foes.

Raven won’t use her mental powers to manipulate others unless she absolutely needs to, but when she does, there’s no stopping her. Raven’s too powerful and too determined. She’ll do anything to save her friends from her, including turning their minds against them.

1 Martian Manhunter Is The Most Powerful Telepathic Hero

Martian Manhunter’s potent mix of powers makes him one of the Justice League’s greatest members. He’s the most powerful telepath the League has access to and has used his powers from him to save the team on countless occasions. Manhunter often uses his shapeshifting in concert with his mental powers to trick his enemies.

Martian Manhunter is manipulative for all the right reasons. He uses his powers from him to trick evildoers around him, making them believe whatever he wants them to. No other telepath can match Manhunter, allowing him to defend his adopted homeworld from the worst threats.

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