10 Marvel Comics That Would Make Perfect MCU Movies

Over 28 films and seven Disney+ series, Marvel has taken viewers through emotional journeys and to wonderful new worlds. Despite such success and vast storytelling, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has only scratched the surface of more than 80 years of comic history — even if they’ve already told some of the publisher’s most famous stories.

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Many newly acquired franchises, such as The X-Men and The Fantastic Four, open a treasure trove of story potential and hundreds of characters. Should their success and popularity continue, several groundbreaking comics will likely be incorporated into the MCU soon.

10 The X-Men Were Rebooted In House of X/Powers of X

The X-Men’s latest re-introduction in the comics would make a great jumping-off point for the MCU, especially since so many of the team’s iconic characters have already been portrayed in prior films. In House of X/Powers of Xmutants claimed a home country of their own on the fictional island of Krakoa, and finally worked together for the betterment of mutant-kind.

Moira MacTaggert, a mutant who can be reincarnated after her death with all her previous memories intact, is also reborn back to her initial conception. This makes her allows her to rewrite historical events in a groundhog day-like scenario, wherein she discovers working together may be the only way to defeat Nimrod, an alien robot that commits mutant genocide in the future.

9 Captain Marvel And Iron Man Clashed In Civil War II

Captain Marvel and Iron Man butt heads in this sequel to the original Civil War story. When a teenager named Ulysses starts having visions of crimes before they happen, Captain Marvel sets up a new predictive crime division. On the other side, Iron Man believes everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

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Kamala Khan, recently introduced in the Ms Marvel Disney+ series, plays a big factor in changing the tide of Civil War II after she disagrees with her idol and switches sides. The two are scheduled to meet in the marvels 2023 film, but plot details have been tight-lipped.

8 Young Avengers Debuted A New Generation Of Heroes

As the MCU’s new roster of heroes continues to introduce younger characters, a live-action Young Avengers adaptation may be around the corner. The current lineup from comics comprises of Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), America Chavez, and Theo Altman (a half-Kree, half-Skrull alien).

David Alleyne (a genius named Prodigy), Cassie Lang (Ant-Man’s daughter), and Wanda’s twins Billy and Tommy (aka Wiccan and Speed) also have a place on the team. Most of the Young Avengers have already been introduced, with extras such as Yelena Belova (the new Black Widow), Kamala Khan, and Iron Lad (a young version of Kang) possibly joining the fold as well.

7 Teenage Superheroes Were Outlawed In Champions

If Kamala Khan isn’t pulled into a Young Avengers lineup for the MCU, the Pakistani hero also helms her own team of teenage heroes. Named the Champions, her team of ella includes Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Amadeus Cho (a young Hulk), RiRi Williams (Ironheart), Falcon (Joaquin Torres), Nova, Patriot (Rayshaun Lucas), Viv Vision, and the Wasp (Nadia Van Dyne).

After the government passes a law banning teenage heroes from fighting crime, the Champions must come together to figure out who is responsible and how to get the bill repealed. Many heroes — such as Kamala, Falcon, Patriot, and RiRi — have already been introduced in the MCU or will be within the next year.

6 Dark Reign Issued In An Age Of Villainy

Villains take over SHIELD and the Avengers Initiative in Dark Reign, a story about the rug getting swept out from under the hero’s feet. Norman Osborn — aka Spider-Man’s arch-enemy the Green Goblin — becomes the head of SHIELD and forms the “Dark Avengers,” made up of criminal versions of the Avengers lineup.

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A similar story was recently published titled Devil’s Reign which saw Wilson Fisk become the Mayor of New York. This might prove an easier adaptation for the MCU. The story could focus on street-level characters such as Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Sam Wilson’s Captain America.

5 Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur Are Marvel’s Most Underrated Duo

Lunella Lafayette, aka Moon Girl, is a roller-skating 9-year-old and has been confirmed to be the smartest human on Earth. Through a shared mental link, she can communicate with a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur from the past, who excels in the brawn her tiny body and superior mind lack.

Aimed at a younger audience, Moon Girl can help round out MCU’s next generation of heroes. It can even appeal to the youngest MCU fans if the heroes posses friendships as cute, smart, and strong as Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur’s.

4 Infinity Countdown Could Be The Next Move For The Guardians Of The Galaxy

When the MCU is ready for another Infinity Stone event, Infinity Countdown may be the best answer. Having ties to characters currently waiting for their next story beats, the story can incorporate the Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora, and Adam Warlock.

With part of her soul trapped within the Soul Stone, Gamora betrays her team by seeking out the Infinity Gauntlet to reclaim her missing piece and finally get revenge against Thanos. Of course, nothing remains permanent in Marvel Comics, but Infinity Countdown remains the last great Infinity stone arc of the past five years.

3 It’s Time For Another Ghost Rider Movie

Even though readers are only three issues in on the latest Ghost Rider series, writer Benjamin Percy has opened the exciting new run with the skull-faced hero trapped in some sort of hell world. Johnny Blaze doesn’t know how he got there, or what happened to him, but he’s got a Parasyte-like mouth coming out of the stitches on his head and a lot of horror waiting around the corner.

With every new character in the MCU stemming from another dimension thanks to multiversal chaos, it would be perfect to re-introduce Ghost Rider. Lost and confused in another dimension. Johnny Blaze’s attempts to get back home can mold him into the hero fans are already familiar with from older Marvel films.

two Avengers vs. X-Men Is The Superhero Face-Off We Need On Screen

much like Spider-Man: Homecoming, if the MCU is going to do another story about Phoenix and the X-Men, it might be better to skip all the origin stories readers already know and just get right to the action. avengers vs. X Men updates the classic story viewers have seen in movies twice and includes a fight with the Avengers.

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avengers vs. X Men revolves around who will hold the power of the Phoenix Force in Jean Grey’s absence. Eternals proved that adding an entire team at once is difficult, but the X-Men may have it easier since they’re more iconic characters.

1 Secret Wars Capped-Off Years Of Multiverse Chaos

The multiverse drama in the MCU is likely headed toward a clash like Secret Wars, which saw other multiverses threatening to collide with ours and lead to our total destruction. Called “incursions,” the Avengers had to work with unlikely allies to destroy the other worlds before they could collide with their own.

The event ended with many characters — most notably Miles Morales — joining the 616 heroes in one shared universe. This resulted in more uniform storytelling within Marvel Comics but also allowed for fan-favorite characters like Miles to exist alongside Peter Parker.

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